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  by AmtrakFan
Correction Saturday and Sunday will be the Polar Express. I will be out railfanning for both.

  by Amtrak31
I should have known that. Thanks, John.

  by MetraF40C607

  by Amtrak31
After volunteering on both BN trains today, I found out that they actually were Santa Safety Trains. Lisle's Polar Express will be running tomorrow.

  by Joe
The two (well ok four) trains running on the BNSF are sponsered by the City of Naperville and the Village of Lisle, not Metra. The proceeds go to charity.

Naperville's is called "The Santa Train" and Lisle's is called "The Polar Express." They are both basically the same thing, except Lisle's goes all the way to Chicago.

  by AMTK84
Actually John, there is indeed a difference. From my research on both trains, the Polar Express goes all the way to Chicago and on to the Air Line; they also pass out stuff, read the book "The Polar Express" ad drink Hot Coco etc; As one volunteer told me, "(Person's name removed) and I were pretty much the bosses of the car we were in."

On another entirely different matter, equipment for the MD-W Santa Safety train was 8515, 8502, and 199 pushing/pulling...BN's Saturday "Santa Train" had 8589, 8604, 405; Sunday's first Polar Express ran with 8579 and 403 (Thanks Joe for that info); however later in the afternoon train 9305 showed up with METX197, 192 and (8585?) on the rear.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
Is 199 on MILW??!?

  by AMTK84
Yes, 199 was moved over to MILW for fuel reasons; not enough large fuel tank units.

  by Amtrak31
Thanks for the info, Mike.