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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Storing railcars

While some rail fans were visiting this summer, they asked me about a long string of railroad cars they had passed along U.S. 160 in Rio Grande County. I had to admit that I knew little about them, although I frequently pass them, so I’ll share a little of what I have tried to learn.

Although I myself am an ardent railroad buff, most people might prefer to see the scenery without empty freight cars blocking it, but the railroad was here before the tourists and the present residents, so it looks as if we should grin and bear it. A few years ago, there was another string at South Fork that later disappeared. Some towns have idle derelict railroad equipment, too.

Scores of tank cars that now can be seen west of Monte Vista bear no railroad’s name in large print but have letters stenciled in the lower left corner. The code tells whom the car belongs to and, ending with an X, it signifies that it doesn’t belong to a railroad. I’m learning that oil companies or leasers have a lot of idle tank cars.

But back to the tracks. Why are idle cars on the tracks here? The San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad is in business to make money, and one way to make it is by renting out tracks.
(Sometimes a buff like me needs a bit more explanation about the complexities of railroad ownership: The San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad is a short line that was bought by Permian Basin Railways, which in turn is a subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings, which owns the controlling stock. Ed Ellis is the president of Iowa Pacific with its office being in Chicago, while the SLRG operation’s office is at Alamosa. Iowa Pacific in Chicago offers various railroad-related services, one of which is advertising and arranging leases of empty tracks for railcar storage. At least, that’s the way I understand it.)

Railcar storage in the San Luis Valley will be expanding in the Valley. SLRG has acquired the old Southern San Luis Valley tracks south of Blanca and has plans to upgrade the roadbed and rails so they can accommodate storage of heavier rolling stock than the old empty refrigerator cars that used to sit along those tracks.
  by Jeff Smith
While IP is getting out of some business (SC and Monterey, and S&NC), they appear to still be in business on the SLRG:

From FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IowaPacific ... _newsstand" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad
Location: Alamosa, CO
Status: Full Time/Salary

Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC (“IPH”) is a holding company for a series of freight and passenger railroads across the country. We are driven to provide first class service to our customers and develop innovative freight and passenger operations.
Key Responsibilities
• Schedule and supervise track crew
• Coordinate and plan ordinary maintenance and program track work with other departments to maximize track work and train operations.
• Perform track inspections and monitor track inspectors to ensure quality inspections and safe train operations.
• Work with local, county and state agencies on railroad issues to create and continue good relations.
• Plan and meet budget targets for overtime, materials, equipment and tools, maintenance, and contractors costs
• Coordinate with Dispatch and state and local agencies to schedule railroad crossing rebuilds and/or track shut-downs
• Attend meetings and conference calls as required
• Ensure track FRA safety standards are met by regularly providing feedback
• Perform other job related duties as assigned
Position Qualifications
• High school diploma or GED equivalent required
• 5 years of railroad track experience required
• Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
• Must have strong organizational and time management skills
• Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
• Must have the availability to work nights, weekends, or early mornings
• Must possess a professional demeanor and have excellent customer service skills
Additional Information
• Applicant must be currently authorized to work permanently in the United States
• Applicant must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test and background check

Apply at http://www.Iowapacific.com/employment" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Colorado Ave
Alamosa, CO 81101
  by Backshophoss
The Spring Wildfire has isolated the SLRG from the national network,a timber bridge has burned near Fir,with a car straddling the gap,
also the Concert Venue at Fir has been destroyed.
SLRG is running tankcars full of water to help the firefighters control the spread.
  by Backshophoss
AS was noted in the Mt Hood thread,SLRG was placed in receivership by one of the lenders(Big Shoulders)
IS this Ellis's last stand? or the end of IP?