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  • Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.
Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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  by genesis11980
Rumors have been floating around the Metro-North Forum regarding the purchase of new or used equipment by CT DOT to ease over crowding on CT commuter trains. One source of used equipment was a possible purchase or lease of VRE's Maerfsa coaches and cabs. As recently as two years ago, VRE was actively seeking more cars to ease overcrowding. They were looking at ex- CNW-Metra cars and NJT's Comet I's. I understand that some of the CNW cars were purchased, but I thought there were simply intended for expansion and to replace the sounder cars when they were returned. Has this situation changed and thus the single-level cars have become freed up for lease/purchase? or is this just a rumor?

  by therock
The ex-Metra bilevels are to handle current passenger loads. VRE's capacity is dictated by their midday storage space at Ivy City and the number of trains they can run (currently at 32). Since the bilevels can accomodate more and the storage facilities at the ends of the line have little room to store inactive equipment, those are the primary reasons for the possible sale/lease of the Mafersa's to CDOT. The "expansion" of service (in terms of additional trains) is contingent upon the completion of the bridge at Quantico Creek.

The Sounder cars are due to return as the influx of the ex-Metra's continue, so there should be minimal impact from that.

As info, VRE also has two new F40's running.

  by DutchRailnut
See Below, exurpt from VRE board meeting minutes:

Authorization to Execute the Sale of 38 Mafersa Railcars and Authorization

Issue an RFP for the Procurement of Bi-Level Cars

Mr. Zehner reported that the Connecticut Department of Transportation
(ConnDOT)has expressed an interest in purchasing all of the Mafersa
railcars, including cab cars for $15.2 million. VRE would continue to keep
seven cab cars for a two-year period at a lease-back cost of $1 per car
through June 30, 2006. By selling these cars, VRE would need to purchase 11
bi-level cab cars. He recommends including an option in the procurement for
50 additional bi-level railcars, which would create the opportunity to
purchase bi-level railcars for delivery starting in the 2008 timeframe.
Exercising this option is contingent on legal
approval as well as the development of a viable financing plan.

Mr. Zehner also reported that the Commonwealth of Virginia has indicated an
interest in purchasing five trailers. The final sales agreement with ConnDOT
would be drafted with the option for five Mafersa trailers to be sold to the
Commonwealth if payment is provided by October 1, 2004. If this option is
not exercised, the cars would be released to ConnDOT for purchase.
Resolution #8B-04-2004 would recommend that the Commissions authorize the
execution of the agreement with ConnDOT and to authorize a RFP for the
procurement of 11 bi-level cab cars with an option for an additional 50

Mr. Gibbons stated he is torn between knowing VRE could really use the $15
million from the sale of the railcars but also knowing that the
Bristow-Charlottesville area wants to start commuter rail service and VRE
has available railcars. He asked if Connecticut only needs them for a short
period of time, is there a way that the Commonwealth could get them back at
a reasonable price. Ms. Rae suggested adding a Right of first refusal clause
when Connecticut no longer needs them.

Chairman Jenkins stated that the Finance Committee looked at this proposal
very closely and the committee was concerned that the Commonwealth be in
agreement with VRE
Mr. Gibbons moved, with a second by Ms. McConnell, to approve the

with the provision that the Commonwealth be given the right of first refusal
if Connecticut ever sells the railcars. The vote in favor was cast by Board
members Bulova, Gibbons, Grzejka, Jenkins, Kauffman, McConnell and Rae.

[After the vote, Mr. Kauffman and Mr. Grzejka stepped out of the room at

A.M. and 10:22 A.M., respectively.]

  by DutchRailnut
any news on when the Marfesa's are to be shipped to New York area ?