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  by gprimr1
I'm looking at taking a trip to Sleepy Hollow one day this month, and I was thinking of taking Amtrak to NYC, and the subway up to the northern part of Manhatten, and then getting a zip car.

There are three zip car bases, each near one of these subway stations:

Dyckman St
207 St
215 St

I'm expecting leave and return during the day, maybe a little overlap into the evening, but not late at night. They are all about 2 blocks from the subway.

  by GirlOnTheTrain
I, as a 20something woman have walked from 207 up 10th Avenue (or whatever it is) to Broadway and over to Marble Hill for a stop at Target on my way back up the hill in the dark with no issues. (I wasn't wasting a bus fare for that walk since I needed to take the Bx7 after I went to Target) You should be fine.

FWIW: There are zip cars at outlying Metro North stations now. Tarrytown is one of them...I know that's an extra expense to get up there - but I dunno if that would save you money in regards to the zipcar rental since it would be less driving.
  by gprimr1
That's HUGE!

Thank you!

I could just take Metro North and get the zip car there. Even better. Less risk of traffic jams too.