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  by mkerfe
I know Metra Police handle the lines where metra crews run (Milw, RI etc). Who handles the police duties on the BNSF AND UP lines? Is it Metra or the operating railroad.
  by Tadman
I'm pretty sure UP Police handle Ogilvie and the three railroad lines associated with it. I know C&NW police did so.
  by justalurker66
wilmette2008 wrote:Speaking of Metra Police I came across this http://patch.com/illinois/oakpark/metra ... operations" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; how will the affect the 877-fix-gate number?
It could still be answered by the 911 center. I have not had the pleasure of calling Cook County, but I have called county administrative non-911 numbers and still reached a 911 operator. The toll free number could be redirected to a local number that would still get immediate, if not urgent, call handling.
  by Engineer Spike
BNSF uses their own force. When I was there, one engineer's father was the local commander, and his sister was also a cop. She used to deadhead in to work on my train.
  by wilmette2008
Spoke with a Metra Cop tonight and she said the Metra now handles the policing of ogilvie and the outlaying stations on the three UP lines. It makes me think that UP dropped there agents out of Olgilive, why would UP do that? If it is there track, there crews, and there right of way? Thanks
  by Backshophoss
UP may have pulled their PD out of the commuter region,for whatever internal reasoning.
AS it was anything that happened in that region was considered covered by UP's PD and METRA's PD at the same time.
Now Whatever happens is METRA's PD to handle.
  by wilmette2008
Here's an interesting story, I was rail fanning at the Wilmette metra station once and saw a UP Trainmaster's SUV parked in parking lot. Some kids were picking up ballast rocks and throwing them around, I taped on the window of the SUV and told him what was going on he siad, "ok i'll handle it." He then picked up a sheet of paper that had Wilmette PD's number written on it and he called them. Wonder why he called Wilmette instead of UPPD and/or Metra PD?
  by qboy
Because your gonna get a much quicker response from local Pd compared to RR police. With only a handful of Special Agents trying to cover so much territory. Throwing ballast isn't always gonna top priority. Usually when we need the police 95% of the time it's local police for issue on the train or crossing incidents.
  by Engineer Spike
Should have let the little bastards pelt the weed weasel’s car. It would serve him right.
  by wilmette2008
Engineer Spike wrote:Should have let the little bastards pelt the weed weasel’s car. It would serve him right.
He was on his cellphone and was parked in a handicapped spot should I have had Wilmette PD ticket his car? He didn't even notice the kids throwing rocks until I brought it to his attention. Who could he have been on the phone with, his wife/girlfriend/significant other or his boss? Finally he acted kind of like an idiot when the cops showed up, wonder why?
  by wilmette2008
So tonight while taking the train on my way to visit my parents I saw two Metra Police Officers ridding. It appears that Monterrey security which used handle this duty was fired at the beginning of the year. Now several weeks ago at the Main Street station in Evanston I saw a UP cop, one of the storage bins was spray painted and the lock was broken open. He check it out and re locked it, he drove an unmarked pick up and was in plain clothes with a black vest with the words, "POLICE" in big white letters on the back. My question is in the Chicago area do most RR Police drive unmarked cars and ware plain clothes? Thanks.
  by John_Perkowski
Law enforcement officers pull together. I'd be not at all surprised that the Metra PD dispatch center boss has beer and pizza with the guys from BNSF and UP police departments. I know for a fact the Director of Emergency Services for Chicago has all these people on speed dial.
  by MetraBNSF
I’ve seen Metra police onsite on the BN when a suburban is involved in an incident. Along with local municipalities and railroad police. UP might be similar.
  by wilmette2008
My question is if UP turned Policing of the trains and stations on the three UP lines over to Metra, why did UP send a agent out to investigate? This was after Evanston PD had checked it out and confirmed that the lock was broken open and spray painted. Thoughts