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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by mbrproductions
Are the BTC-4Cs (900s) planned to be overhauled at some point? They are the only bilevels on the fleet without LED displays or automatic door control, the purple decals are old and wearing out, and their windows are scratched and you can barely see through them. They're starting to look exactly like how the 700s did before they got overhauled, before anybody says that they are too young to be overhauled, keep in mind that the BTC-4Bs (767-781) came here in 2001-02, and they were still included in that rebuild

Here's a picture of when they looked like the new Rotems we're getting now...
  by Commuterrail1050
What does that have to do with rotem cars? Btw 1847 started service today on a new 7 doubles set. There’s now 4 of them instead of 3.
  by R36 Combine Coach
nomis wrote: Tue Mar 26, 2024 4:09 am With the shutdown of the Port of Baltimore following this mornings bridge collapse, does anyone know of an alternate port to handle offloading of railcars onto the national network.
Port Newark via CSAO? Kawasaki shipped cars via Port Newark, for example. CSX also serves the Port of Philadelphia (near the old Rotem plant) via the Philadelphia Belt Line, the Silverliner V and MBTA coach shells from the 2012-2013 order were delivered via the port.
  by MBTAVideoClips
1847 is now in service. It’s set is as follows: (i saw its first run)
2010, 744, 866, 864, 706, 846 (Vets Wrap), 760, 1847.
  by MBTAVideoClips
1824 is now North Side. It's heading up to Newburyport on 151.
  by Commuterrail1050
I was just about to say that 1824 is the 4th rotem to go up north. Seems like active south side rotems from the first batch goes north now every time a second batch rotem goes into service since there’s no more k car control coaches to send and the spares must be all out of service for some reason.
  by MBTAVideoClips
It may not be just old too. My friend says there could potentially be a new rotem, 1834 soon.
  by Commuterrail1050
1805 is back in service down south. Not with 1125 like someone claimed it would be.
  by MBTAVideoClips
Yeah i saw it go down on the switcher last weekend. Do you know what it's with?
  by Commuterrail1050
No idea. Btw 1812 is now up north on a funky 3 doubles 2 flats set.
  by MBTAVideoClips
Did it happen to take over 1712's set? It was 2003-comet-9XX-comet-9XX-1712
  by Commuterrail1050
2003 is no longer on that set but yes that is the consist.
  by Commuterrail1050
1845 is now in service. That means another gap is filled between 1844 and 1846. All that remains to fill the last gap are 1832 and 1833
  by MBTAVideoClips
Anybody know why the Rotem cab cars don't have bathrooms? They seem to have plenty of space on the No. 2 end and I don't see the reason why they excluded them
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