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  by Tadman
I'm not sure if anybody noticed the Chicago Trib article on ME's Roosevelt Road station, and the fact it looks like the only part of Chicago untouched by the great chicago fire. (old and decrepit) Funny thing is, I was riding out to 211th on ME at the time, and passing right underneath the pedestrian bridge for the station.

Basically, the government hasn't coughed up the dough to replace the rattiest station on Metra. The locals are upset, because some of Chicago's largest tourist attractions are accesible through that station.

  by doepack
Technically, the government did cough up the dough, it's just that Metra put higher priorities on other critical upgrades for the electric district, namely the procurement of new, bathroom-equipped cars, and the complete remodeling of it's downtown Randolph St. terminal, both of which were badly needed. In hindsight, it's too bad that the funds that were used to construct a mostly useless Rosemont station on NCS could not be diverted to upgrading Roosevelt Road instead...