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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Ridgefielder
BandA wrote: Sat Jan 29, 2022 4:53 pm I've read about some refurbished RDC's having a door wide enough for a wheelchair. So I assume a stock RDC, with a stock bathroom, are not HP accessible.
Not 100% sure but I think the wheelchair-accessible ones are refurbished RDC-2s. The baggage door would clearly be wide enough for a wheelchair.
  by markhb
Trinnau wrote: Sun Feb 06, 2022 10:18 pm That determination was made as part of the transition into PTC and is no longer available, consider it a 1-time "grandfather" situation. The regs clearly state that any new commuter or intercity service that intends to start after Dec 31, 2020 requires PTC.
49 CFR 236.1005(b)(6) wrote: 236.1005 Requirements for Positive Train Control systems.
(b) PTC system installation -
(6) New rail passenger service. No new intercity or commuter rail passenger service shall commence after December 31, 2020, until a PTC system certified under this subpart has been installed and made operative.
Cool; thanks! Good to know.

But, thanks to your pointing me to the CFR title, I also found this section (236.1019) of exclusions that can be applied for:
49 CFR 236.1019(c) : Limited operations exception. FRA will consider an exception in the case of a track segment used for limited operations (operating in accordance with § 236.0 of this part) under one of the following sets of conditions: ...
49 CFR 236.1019(c)(2) : Passenger service is operated on a segment of track of a freight railroad that is not a Class I railroad on which less than 15 million gross tons of freight traffic is transported annually and on which one of the following conditions applies: (limit of 4 trains/day for unsignaled track, 12 trains/day for signaled track).
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