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  by njtmnrrbuff
During my stay in Montreal, I plan to do a circle trip: Train # 631 from Montreal to Ottawa, Train # 55 from Ottawa to Brockville, and Train # 60 from Brockville to Montreal. Are the VIA Corridor Service trains generally on time, especially Train # 55? Thanks.
  by Ken V
For the most part, VIA trains in the corridor run close to on-time or just a little bit late, but it's rare for a train to be more than an hour behind. Train delays can vary greatly depending on the amount of other train traffic and a hold up 15-20 minutes is not uncommon but time is often made up further down the line. At other times it's not unusual either for a train to arrive at a station 10 or more minutes early and have to wait for its scheduled departure time. In general I would consider a connection of 30 minutes or more to be safe and a connection of more than an hour to be quite comfortable. Since your connection in Brockville is 90 minutes I don't think you should worry about it. In my experience train #55 is fairly reliable and #60 is more often subject to delays.