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  by bitf
I've heard that some of the park cars have signs asking passengers to refrain from using toilets in the station. Does this mean that they do not have full retention toilets? Where the cars built with Hopper toilets?
  by marquisofmississauga
I've never seen a sign like that, either in the public "loo" or in the annex of the bedrooms or drawing room. Naturally I'm not saying there has never been such a sign - just that I haven't seen it. I don't understand why there would be as the toilets appear to be identical to those in the other sleepers and coaches.
  by timberley
Yes, these signs are still present in a number of the HEP-1 cars. I have seen them in Skyline cars and Park cars for sure, and at least one of the ex-CP HEP-1 coach cars. I think I may have seen one in a Chateau sleeper bathroom as well, although I'm not sure.

Having said that, all of VIA's HEP-1 cars DO have retention toilets, and have for many years now. The signs are simply a left-over from years ago when the cars dumped on the tracks. Yes, they were originally built to dump on the tracks, as recall that these were Budd cars built in the 1950s. They have all been retrofitted at a later date with retention tanks. For whatever reason, they haven't bothered to remove many of the "Do not flush toilet while train is in station" signs. I think it's kind of a neat bit of nostalgia for those of us who understand, although I admit it must be confusing for some passengers!
  by timberley
And I can say this with complete confidence because I was in the bathroom in Tweedsmuir Park (on the Eastbound Ocean) 4 days ago, and took note of the sign at that point. I also took note of the same sign in a Skyline car 2 weeks ago, on the Westbound Ocean. I wish I could remember for sure if it was in the Chateau sleeper as well...
  by CHTT1
Perhaps they're there for historical purposes or they were overlooked in the conversion process. Or maybe it's just not polite to flush a toliet while parked at a station. Canadians are very polite.
  by ohioriverrailway
Thought it was interesting that the Canadian had retention toilets but the shower and sink continued to drop in the track.