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  by BSOR Patarak
Hello All,

The Friends of Arcade & Attica would like to share an exciting project that is finally coming together. Aside from the railroad itself preparing to return steam to opeation, the Friends is moving to create a permanent display at Arcade.

For the past couple of years the Friends has been acquiring equipment and funds to put this display together. The Village of Arcade expressed interest in having some form of a boxcar to use as a band stand in the municipal parking lot behind the stores. We have been in discussions with them to locate a display that will consist of a caboose, box car and Locomotive 110.

Some may have noticed that a box car and locomotive 110 have received a fresh coat of paint for this new display. We are also pleased to announce that the ex A&A caboose beautifully preserved by the Rule Family of Arcade has been loaned to the Friends for the display! The Box Car was purchased from Mr. Reisdorf and had been in storage at North Java.

We were also fortunate enough to locate some quality rail from New York State and the Attica Correctional Facility. This material has already been moved to Arcade to be reassembled. The rail is what little remained at the prison from the siding that the A&A utilized to serve the prison going back to the 1930's! The entire display is being made up of items that are directly tied to the A&A in some way.

We are requesting volunteers to help us prepare the equipment for movement. We also will need to build several panels of track to place them on. It is planned to work all 4 weekends in April to get things ready for the big move. Don't worry if you don't have any "railroading" skills. There are lots of other things that need to be prepared. Any help will be welcomed! Please contact me for more details on times and dates if you are interested.

The display will be built on the inside of the curve in the Village parking lot. We hope to open the locomotive cab and caboose to visitors once the display is completed. A small visitors center/museum may be created. The village likes the idea of the box car that could also be utilized as a band stand. Later plans include building of a platform/stage next to the equipment for easy access to them, as well as fitting the Village needs. Also, a new walk way leading to the Arcade station is being discussed.

The Friends feel that this display can be utilized by the local community for their events, and also be open to the patrons of the A&A as a welcome center while they wait for the excursion trains.

Though we have a lot of work to do to make it all possible. We'd like to get this ball rolling in April so that the display can be created this season.

Any help that can be offered will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing everyone this spring! Contact me via RR.Net or email the organizer Chris Lester at [email protected]

Pat Connors
Friends of Arcade & Attica

  by thebigham
Best of luck!

Wish I was around to help.

  by steamfan6325
That sounds really cool! I hope a lot of people turn out to help. I will probably be able to help on saturdays (already e-mailed Chris). Sounds like it will be a really neat display when it's done. :-D

  by howie729
I am looking forward to helping where I can. After I finish at the Golf Club I plan on being there!!!

  by jgallaway81
Good Luck on everything everybody.

If someone thinks of it... will they please get pictures?

I'd like to include a "Current Events" section for the A&A Society, working in conjunction witht he Friends.

Pat, have you guys had time to do any work on a website for the Friends?

  by BSOR Patarak
I will get some pictures of the activity.

We have our final approval from the Village to build the display in the parking lot. The plan is for the 5th of April to meet in the morning and begin to build the panels to place the equipment on. Ties and rail are being moved this week to the site for assembly.

There is some minor journal work and inspection by the FRA needed before we can actually move the equipment. Once everyone is happy and the panels are built we can slide things into their new homes. There are still some loose items and little things to do to 110 to ready it for the move. Once it is in place, the cab needs to be repaired, mainly replacing the floor in it.

We look forward to seeing people out during April. I'll post updates as things change. If the weather really gets bad for that day we'll have to adjust our work schedule.


  by Benjamin Maggi
It sounds exciting, to be sure. Pat, has the railroad considered trying to acquire the "other" A&A caboose? I have seen it personally in the past couple of years (it was actually the first date that my wife and I went on when we were dating... chasing the missing A&A caboose.... really romantic!)

Since it needs a complete restoration, and might not even be for sale, it might be impractical. Still, it is just sitting on a hill and could use a better home to people who would appreciate it.
  by tomjohn

I trust that this the same 8 wheel side door caboose that was on the Susquehanna And New York RR and numbered 15,subsequently sold to the ARCADE AND ATTICA RR?


  by BSOR Patarak
The Susquehanna and New York is the one that is restored at Arcade and has been loaned to the display sight. The one Ben mentioned is the ex Erie and is Nunda. It is in need of repair...but yes, the dream is to return it to Arcade for the restoration someday.


  by tomjohn
BSOR Patarak wrote:The Susquehanna and New York is the one that is restored at Arcade and has been loaned to the display sight. The one Ben mentioned is the ex Erie and is Nunda. It is in need of repair...but yes, the dream is to return it to Arcade for the restoration someday.

I wasn't aware of that one !! Is this EX-ERIE, was it sold to the A & A one time or another ?

Questions and Answers are two of the many tools of education regardless of age....

  by BSOR Patarak
Yes, it is ex-Erie 04923 and was sold to the A&A in 1949 as their #304. It came with the cupola on. This is the one seen in many early steam excursion photos at the end of the train. It was only utilized the first season or two on the steam trains but was used on freight trains. It was sold by the A&A in 1982 to a local family who had intentions of restoring it. It was moved along with the S&NY #15 (A&A #303) but never received any work. Whereas the 303 has been lovingly restored and is in excellent shape today. 304 was then sold and moved to Nunda where some restoration work was begun. It still needs a considerable amount of work though.

  by howie729
Here are the pictures I took of today's work.

http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/25 ... 6023UyebbD

From this picture you can just scroll in order...Didnt want to cut and paste 13 pics.

Sounds like next Saturday could be the move. If everything is aproved.

Scott Howard

  by steamfan6325
More pictures here: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/563002752yggCah (hope this works-my first time posting photos)

  by Benjamin Maggi
Wow, it looks like you guys are really coming along! Nice job. I wish I could have been there to help. If there is any work to be done this summer, I will make sure to take a weekend into town to lend a hand.

  by thebigham
Thanks for the pics, Howie!

It was good to see some old friends in the pics.