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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by tomjohn
This is just a observation from earlier posts is anyone going to reprint the ARCADE & ATTICA RR book of E.A. Lewis's? I know it was mentioned earlier, I can not locate that particular post, could anyone be of assistance?


  by Benjamin Maggi
Do you mean reprinted, updated, or both? As for reprinted (meaning printing the 2nd edition from 1973), I doubt it will. It is outdated already, and copies are on EBay almost monthly. The 1st edition is on EBay about three times a year. Both can usually be had for under $25.

As for an updated version, he has said that he has no desire to write a third edition. He has moved on to other railroads and other things. If I remember correctly, he was set to retire soon from the Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad down south.

As for plans for a book about the A&A authored by someone else, I cannot comment personally on it. I know several people who have expressed an interest in it, and one person who is more than interested. However, it is not my place to speak for them.

A new book would be nice, though.

  by jgallaway81
the really major problem with the idea of a third edition is that all the people involved with the railroad over the last three decades, that have the capability and the interest, are biased in the issues. A political fight within the supporters has caused a mega rift, and neither side, myself included, would be capable of presenting the history of the last fifteen years with any sort of neutrality.

If I had access to the historical information from 73 thru 89, I'd be willing to give it a shot. But since I don't, I am not planning on it.