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  by ryanbytes
Are weekend passes eligible for a reduced fare price?
  by Prairiefire
As of now, you can get an unlimited daily pass on weekends for adults on Metra for $5.00, a huge discount over weekdays. Plus up to three kids 12 and under travel free with each adult. Theoretically, you could explore all the Metra lines for $5.00 (not sure you could fit them all in in a day) during the weekends.
  by JamesT4
ryanbytes wrote:Are weekend passes eligible for a reduced fare price?
A $5.00 for a weekend pass is cheap enough since round trip fares going to the end of each line from Chicago are between $6 & $16 Regular, and $5- $8 dollars round trip.

  by ryanbytes
True. Like the conductors always say. You never know when that little bit might come in handy. I thought I'd ask.