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  by Tadman
Only need a few cars for the purple midday trains. Red line is always 8 cars.

That said, it is brutal cold and windy on the Howard platform midwinter waiting to transfer.
  by orangeline
Are all the platforms north of Howard long enough for an 8 car train?
  by byte
Nope. I think Linden is, and any other station that's been re-done in recent years, but the trains running the Linen - Howard routing are limited to six cars.
  by doepack
Another reason it wouldn't work is because the current yard capacity at Linden is much too small to support that kind of operation; some equipment could end up deadheading back to Howard anyway. That said, through-routing could alleviate some of the congestion at Howard, if turning Purple line shuttles were to be removed.

I think Davis is the only other station in Evanston that can berth 8 cars...