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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by awwos
I made a trip to ride the A&A this past weekend. Their little #112 is a great looking (and great sounding) little diesel. Ridership has definately dropped off since the steamer is out of action but the cars and equipment were very clean which was good to see.

I have been lucky enough to ride the A&A at least one time a year since I was 3 years old (that's about 21 years straight). My family stopped going when #18 was put out of service. I wish they would have the Curriers depot open to the public again. It was nice to walk thru when they did the runaround with the engine. They need to do the cab walkthrus again when (or if) they get steam running again. That was a neat experience to be standing in the cab with that fire blazing away!

  by Benjamin Maggi
I don't think they will ever allow cab walkthroughs again, due to insurance reasons. While you are in Curriers, if you look around to the west side of the station in the weeds you will see the old wooden staircase that was once used. Now, it is in shambles.

Such are the results of the world in which we live... more lawsuits, higher insurance...

Glad that the train is going strong. I am riding in three weeks when I return to the area.


  by thebigham
Anyone know how Civil War weekend went?

The red caboose at Arcade Junction is gone. Where did it go?

The old boxcar with the disassembled watertank in it was moved from the disconnected siding outside of Arcade to the Arcade yard. It's now in front of #110.

I'm sure serious trackwork will start in September as soon as the summer passenger trains are over with. The A&A is a 7-day-a-week operation in July and August.



  by thebigham
The old South Buffalo Alco at Arcade Junction is now gone. Railpace says it was moved to the NY&LE for a possible new passenger train.

  by Benjamin Maggi
That would be interesting.

  by pablo
It would be more than interesting.

Dave Becker

  by BSOR Patarak
Engine 77 was successfully moved to Gowanda via the NS and BSOR. It is currently stored at Gowanda for inspection and possible overhaul. The cab saw significant damage from weather and vandals while at Arcade. Time and weather hurt the electrical systems in those old girls. It is still hoped that it will return to operation. Most all components are intact on the engine and does look very promising to see smoke again. As for the passenger operations...who knows? Is interesting though.