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  by chrisf
If you look at that Twitter account, you'll see it's all (well done) fake photos of trains that don't exist.
  by scratchyX1
chrisf wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 5:26 pm If you look at that Twitter account, you'll see it's all (well done) fake photos of trains that don't exist.
The report of Indiana and Ohio buying new Vectrons made made me think this is a multiverse railfan site.
  by Sir MTU KGB rtd
Good day from a visiting Brit.

Has a repainted SD70 been released for testing yet?

Thought I saw one south of LaSalle on August 20th around 2pm.
  by eolesen
Really not understanding why a rebuilt locomotive of the same class would require this type of testing.... hopefully it's just a formality and it will be on its way to Chicago soon enough.

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  by spRocket
I'm guessing the mods were extensive enough that they felt a need to flush out any mechanical or electrical problems. The trucks are also lighter, with one fewer traction motor each [edit: presumed], and I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to see how that affects operation.
  by MetraBNSF
Metra’s instagram page showed an unveiling of SD70MACH number 500. It is painted in RTA heritage colors. The post mentions that the units will be delivered at a rate of one per month beginning in November.
  by NaugyRR
Photos also on Twitter...

https://twitter.com/Metra/status/157988 ... gr%5Etweet

From the Tweet...
  by mbrproductions
I'm a fan of the locomotive! But the botched heritage scheme, not so much.
  by Engineer Spike
I really think that these are a smart buy for Metro. It seems like many other commuter agencies seem to want to reinvent the wheel with each new locomotive order. These are off the shelf with almost 30 years of service behind them.
  by eolesen
As a taxpayer, I'm glad to see some different thinking on equipment acquisitions.

OK with the baby blue paint, but they should have had the Metra logo in White... the black lettering ruins it.
  by Fan Railer
So from the talk that's been going around, it seems that these have been rebuilt as 4-motor locomotives with an B1-1B configuration, so presumably they will have 5 inverters, 4 for traction, 1 for HEP. I'd also guess they went with the newer Mitsubishi electronics. I'm wondering if the motors will sound like the ones on the F125s out in LA.