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  by gokeefe
Split off from a thread in Amtrak and moved to California.

I'm having a hard time believing California isn't at the front of the line for the first batch of cars. They're so desperate for rolling stick they've been operating refurbished ex-NJT Comet cars.
  by afiggatt
California will be leasing the two ex-Wisconsin Talgo trainsets to operate on the Surfliner route. That will help until all the bi-levels are delivered. Besides 88 cars of the initial 130 car order are going to the 3 Mid-west states which is a bit more than 2/3rds of the order. The states, the FRA and N-S have presumably hammered out a delivery sequence agreement; I would expect the 3 Mid-west states will get the first "batch".
  by CHTT1
The California cars will be at the end of the delivery line since the state is paying for them without any federal funding. The Midwest cars must be completed before funding runs out.
  by gokeefe
Well that certainly sounds like the winning argument to me. So California will endure a rolling stock "drought" for a little bit longer ...
  by mtuandrew
The sooner the Midwest gets cars, the sooner Amtrak can send the surplus cars where they will make the most money. Much as east coasters may not like the idea of the NEC and eastern LDs getting passed over, Amtrak would likely make a great deal of money contracting its surplus (Horizons in particular) to CalTrans.
  by gokeefe
Interesting to consider a potential "wholesale" transfer of the Horizon cars to California. I think it's feasible and supported by the extraordinary demand levels out there.
  by Backshophoss
Believe the Horizen's were to be used on the "Gulf Coaster" rebirth,the 2 ex WiDOT Taglos should add some flex in the
Amtrak- California fleet,just as the ex-NJT "Comarrows did.
  by Woody
Backshophoss wrote:Believe the Horizen's were to be used on the "Gulf Coaster" rebirth . . .
Not exactly. The main effort is to extend the City of New Orleans using Superliner equipment, down Mobile-Jacksonville-Orlando. A secondary suggestion is for daily service New Orleans-Mobile, using Horizons. And when the Sunset Ltd/Texas Eagle get merged and go daily, CHI-San Antonio-L.A., the leftover piece of the Sunset route, New Orleans-Houston-San Antonio, will run daily using Horizon equipment. All plans subject to change.