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  • Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
Several RDC Units that were acquired by the Town of East Angus, Quebec in a settlement with a former tourist train operator have been sold for scrap for anywhere from $13000 - $20000. The cars were scrapped this week.

Link to a Video Clip of the destruction. Sad!


  by Engineer James
Thats is VERY sad. They all looked in pretty good condition..... why did the city scrap em? Just to make some $$$$, if so, what were they thinking.

  by D.Carleton
Sad indeed. However, right now 316 stainless is going for $2.26/lb. You do the math.

  by RDG484
Was 6110 one of them? This was the original RDC prototype of 1949. Last I heard it was promised to a museum, but it has not moved for a long time. I hope it wasn't touched.

The units scrapped were: ex-QNS&L 6101, 6115, 6203 & 6218. All ex-VIA, ex-CN. A couple were originally B&M and DW&P.

  by Engineer James
B&M Is still major. Those are pretty old I'll bet.

  by BlackDog
How were they cut up? I was involved in scrapping a Budd coach once for the stainless, it was a monumental disaster in terms of time and money. In the end it became a battle of wills, that critter didn't want to die. We used a plasma-arc and had to separate EVERYTHING. You would be amazed at the amount of insulation and tar paper stuck in those things.

Usually those who cut one up doesn't cut don't go back for seconds.

  by wigwagfan
I don't think there is really a market for RDCs anymore. Industrial Rail Services purchased a bunch of RDCs in an effort to remanufacture them - but it doesn't appear that there is a market for it.

Their webpage used to advertise their "new RDC", but now all the information for it is hidden elsewhere.