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  • Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by revrnd
In VIA's Toronto/Mimico Maintenance Center there are 4 or 5 RDCs parked on the south side of the yard. Are there any plans for their use?

During my trip on the Canadian last week I spoke w/ a chap that works @ the shops in Capreol who said the units on the Sudbury to White River run could do w/ some work.

  by ENR3870
Apparently they belong to FarmRail who bought them a few years back but has done nothing with them. The trackside guide shows the units at Mimico as RDC-1's 6110(the Budd Demo unit), 6111, 6138, and RDC-2 6214 belonging to FarmRail. FarmRail also owns 6118 and 6130, 6118 is at IRSI in Moncton and 6130 is being tested by VIA.
  by dowlingm
Five of the RDCs (6111, 6135, 6138, 6148, 6205) have been acquired by Waterloo Central Railway. Chris Fox of Rapido Trains has been making videos of the work required to make the cars fit to be hauled to their new home, given that two of the units had not run for 30 years. Here is one where he does a walk through of the five units at their then storage location at VIA Toronto Maintenance Centre

That leaves about five stored units in Toronto (including one owned by Rapido) in addition to the five or so RDCs which VIA uses to provide cars for the White River-Sudbury service