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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by nhrdc1
New to list. I am looking for blueprints, diagrams for the RDC-1. These would be for the real thing, not a model. Any ideas on where to locate a copy of these? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  by DutchRailnut
try contacting engineering dept at MBTA or MNCR or NJT I am sure they can print you some stuff from Microfilm, those techno boys keep all their goodies.

  by nhrdc1
Thanks for the info. I just have to figure out how to contact them.

Do you think that the B+M historical society might have this type of info? I belonged to them many years ago and recall that they have quite a library of reference material.

thanks again!


  by DutchRailnut
If I said yes or No it would be pure speculation, as member you know who to contact and find out for yourself.

  by nhrdc1
I guess my reply was confusing. I was referring to the various eng departments that you sugguested at the RRs.

As far as the B+M society, I am no longer a member, just thought that a current member might know. I am planning on joining it again.

  by DutchRailnut
Just look up mailing adress for each railroad.
and adress it to Chief Mechanical officer, and explain to him your dilema, and if he could find out from Engineering Dept if they have the drawing you need on file or microfilm.

keep in mind that despite looking for RDC-1 drawing they would only have drawings pertaining to their RDC-1's, a NH car was very much different than a NYC or B&M car.

  by jimmiegag
Re: RDC, information
What specific information do you need? Can you tell me what sort of project you are planning. I also need the car number and railroad as well as the Budd builder number to be more helpful. Many of these cars were rebuilt in the past by railroads as well as Amtrak, BC rail ect.

If you are looking for working drawings (builder drawings) you will not find them anywhere, but you could ask Bombardier Corp. who has all the former Budd RDC drawings for the Budd RDC. That suggestion may not be a good idea either, because Bombardier sent almost all the RDC material to a box car in Canada. No one there knows how to even look for it, if it were possible to even get to it.

I have in my posession, however, some material that you may be looking for. I got it years ago from Bombardier before they sent it all to Canada.

Please list here the material you need, or get hold of me with a phone number/email address that I can get in touch with you.

By the way, I have restored five RDC cars, so I am familiar with the problems you may be facing if indeed you are thinking of restoring a car.

Jim Gagliardi
Budd RDC Foundation, Inc.
  by nhrdc1

Thanks for the reply, you are the one I need to talk to. I have sent you a message with my email.

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