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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by pdtrains
OK, I finally "railfanned" the RRRR via google earth. From the abandoned yard at Raritan Bay, to the steel mill, to the abandoned row that went over to
South Amboy, to the wye and the track that goes over to browns yard, to the 2 industries I know of on the south end, and the abandoned ROW from rte 1 to the wye that was in New Brunswick. So, questions....
1. Are there just 3 active industries left on the former RRRR trackage?
2. Did RRRR always interchange with PRR at browns, or was that started after the track to south to amboy was abandoned, and it was all CR anyway.
3. when was trackage from rte 1 to the NB wye last used, and track track physically ripped out. I mean approx.
4. Anyone know, off hand the jobs that are in and out of Browns these days. What I know...the transfer run down from OI (5 days a week?). Southern Sec once a week or so. Jamesburg/freehold..don't know how often. and the RRRR...steel train, and the south end once a week or as needed. Looks like all the locals could be handled by 1 crew if they wanted (1 day southern, 2 days freehold, 2 days RRRR) if they wanted, but I'm guessing that the locals are handles by 2 crews. Or is it just all extra board.

TIA for any info.
  by carajul
I can answer #2... CR abandoned the track to S Amboy where the RRRR offices and engine house were located next to the NY&LB trackage and then created the wye down to Browns Yard, thus enabling the RRRR to be served by Browns instead of it's own joint.

Current condition of the RRRR is a sad joke. CR sure did it in. Even in the 70s when the Kipp family was running the line it was so busy with so many customers. The former yard area in New Bruns was being used as a transload facility in the late 70s and served 7 days a week. CR even told them to take a hike, sold the land to a condo developer. The paved walkways in the condo development follow the RR rows! And CR has never tried getting any of the old customers still located along the line back :-(