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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by scharnhorst
boblenon wrote:I did some more looking myself today -

Out of macedon (which I can only figure it was rt 31), it takes "Trolley Rd" to the south-east, then takes a more southern route to Atwater st. from there it takes Wood Ln (or Trolley Bed on that map) into Newark. Im not sure of the routing through newark, but it makes sense that Rt31 east to lyons is most likly the route. From lyons, 31 east is the row until Cr-250, where it continues N/NE along Trolley Bed.

As for the specific routing in lyons and newark, im not sure.

Follow the dashed line ... http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lat=43. ... ayer=DRG25
The line travels along the South side of Lyons and stayes there till it comes to Savannah where it crossed next to home sted meats and then traveled on the north side of the NYC till it got to Port Byron then went back to the Suth side again and sayed there.

  by RussNelson
nessman wrote:Here it is: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9247
Ha! I found one you missed! (surprising to me, because otherwise your list is very good). The Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway (trolley) crossed the thruway here:

Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway home page: http://www.redsuspenders.com/~dgardner/rande.html

  by RussNelson
Found another one: the Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern. Trolley again.

Comes in from the WNW and runs in parallel on the south side of I-90 for a little ways. Continues straight when I-90 curves to the north.

  by RussNelson
Uh-oh. Found another trolley. I'm not exactly sure if it actually crosses the thruway, but it comes darned close; right here:

It's the trolley that goes through Oswego, Fulton, Baldwinsville, and comes into Syracuse. No, I don't know the name of it, but Dick Palmer apparently wrote an article on it for the Oswego County Museum. I wish somebody would publish a "Dick Palmer Compendium" of all of his articles published here and there.

  by boblenon
As far as I can tell the RS&E would have crossed the thruway three times, of course the RS&E was abondonned in 1930 (31?) ...

- West of port byron
- Just west and east of Laird Rd. The west crossing you can see one concrete brdige peir south of the thruway from the RS&E crossing the NYC.

Both the RS&E and the interurban to b-ville where owned by the BeBe syndicate. They had a shop near the state fair grounds.

The other place to note with the RS&E is I believe the ROW from East Rochester to Rochester is now 490 (comming from W Commercial St). At the site of 490/590 interchange, the RS&E went under winton rd and connected with the rochester subway.

  by RussNelson
boblenon wrote:As far as I can tell the RS&E would have crossed the thruway three times, of course the RS&E was abondonned in 1930 (31?) ...
True! It crosses east of Laird Rd here:
The other place to note with the RS&E is I believe the ROW from East Rochester to Rochester is now 490 (comming from W Commercial St). At the site of 490/590 interchange, the RS&E went under winton rd and connected with the rochester subway.
And between East Rochester and Fairport? Nothing obvious about that.

  by RussNelson
Here's the current list of railroad && Thruway intersections (by which we mean crossings and paralleling). Sorry, but I don't have milepost information since I did this from topo maps, not driving. I also think the Erie south of Newburgh was relocated because of the Thruway being built.

East-West Section mostly by O-6-O
North-South Section mostly by RussNelson
GPS && CSV formatting from nessman
42.506567,-73.764583,CSX Hudson Line Amtrak ( nyc water level),ug,,B1.4,active
42.487085,-73.696827,CSX Post Rd Br. Amtrak,ug,,B5.2,active
42.482114,-73.628991,Albany-Hudson Fast Line,ug,,B9.4,long gone
42.442596,-73.556997,NYNH&H? Old Chatham
42.410777,-73.534879,CSX Boston Line ( nyc b&a),oh,,B16.3,active
42.412500,-79.426000,NYC Mainline,OG,btw 59 and 60,,active,CSX ,
42.412500,-79.425300,NKP,OG,btw 59 and 60,,active,NS,
42.459800,-79.324200,NYC,?,btw 58 and 59,,abandoned?,,
42.485400,-79.255000,Erie Dunkirk,?,btw 58 and 59,,abandoned,,
42.764400,-78.819600,Erie,UG,btw 56 and 57,,active,Buffalo & Southern,
42.808200,-78.806000,BRP,OG,btw 55 and 56,,active,Buffalo & Pittsburgh,
42.819700,-78.791300,NYC,UG,btw 55 and 56,,abandoned,,Gardenville Yard
42.820200,-78.791400,PRR,UG,btw 55 and 56,,active,NS ,
42.855600,-78.791400,PRR,UG,at exit 54,,active,NS Buffalo Line,
42.876200,-78.792600,LV,OG,just west of Exit 53,,abandoned,,trestle gone
42.895200,-78.767300,DL,UG,btw 52 and 53,,active,NS/DLWR,
42.893400,-78.767400,Erie,UG,btw 52 and 53,,active,NS Southern Tier,
42.894600,-78.767300,LV,UG,btw 52 and 53,,abandoned?,,
42.903000,-78.767000,NYC Mainline,OG,just south of 52,,active,CSX,
42.914900,-78.766500,West Shore,UG,just north of 52,,abandoned,,public road
42.951800,-78.741000,LV,UG,btw 49 and 50 at airport,,abandoned, ,filled in
42.948300,-78.681000,West Shore,UG,btw 48a and 49,,out of service,RJ Corman,to be abandoned
43.003900,-78.412300,NYC Peanut,UG,48a,401.7,abandoned,,public road / utility
43.018700,-78.118900,NYC Mainline,OG,btw 47 and 48,386.6,active,CSX,
43.045300,-77.747900,B&O Rochester,UG,btw 46 and 47,367.6,active,Roch & Southern,
43.044000,-77.732600,PRR Rochester,UG,btw 46 and 47,366.6,abandoned,,rail trail
43.044700,-77.680400,Erie Rochester,UG,btw 46 and 47,363.9,active,LAL,
43.048200,-77.636000,LV Rochester,UG,btw 45 and 46,362.6,abandoned,,golf cart access
43.014300,-77.469600,NYC Auburn,UG,btw 45 and 46,352.8,abandoned,,rail trail
42.971500,-77.080600,PRR Sodus,UG,btw 42 and 43,332.3,abandoned,,filled in
42.954900,-76.974300,NYC Corning,UG,just east of 42,326.8,active,NS/FGLK,
43.042700,-76.625800,West Shore,UG,btw 40 and 41,307.6,abandoned,,
43.050100,-76.612500,NYC Mainline,UG,btw 40 and 41,306.8,active,CSX,
43.063600,-76.553100,LV,OG,just east of 40 (Weedsport),303.6,abandoned,,
43.071900,-76.515700,West Shore,n/a,parallels Thruway,,abandoned,,
43.086000,-76.415400,RSE ,OG,btw 39 and 40,296.5,abandoned,,
43.086800,-76.406800,West Shore,n/a,parallels Thruway,,abandoned,,
43.112400,-76.260400,DLW Oswego,UG,just east of 39,288.1,active,CSX ,RS
43.109100,-76.197600,NYC / RWO,UG,btw 37 and 38,284.7,active,CSX,
43.093600,-75.745000,LV Camden,n/a,at exit 34,261.3,abandoned,,Abandoned pre-tway
43.112100,-75.659100,NYOW Main,UG,btw 33 and 34,256.8,abandoned,Durhamville,
43.125300,-75.598600,NYC Mainline,UG,btw 33 and 34,253.5,active,CSX,
43.127500,-75.430100,NYOW Rome,UG,btw 32 and 33,244.8,abandoned?,,
43.131200,-75.297200,NYC Mainline,UG,btw 31 and 32,238.0,active,CSX,
43.125300,-75.243700,NYC,OG,btw 31 and 32,235.0,active,MA&N ,
43.017600,-75.007900,NYC Mainline,UG,btw,,active,CSX,
43.014864,-74.977180,West Shore herkimer,ug,,219.25,gone
43.011925,-74.793607,West Shore (parallels to east)
42.937938,-74.623564,West Shore fort plain,ug,,198.3,gone
42.930890,-74.288778,West Shore schoharie crossing,ug,btwn 28 and 29,178.4,gone
42.890096,-74.083477,West Shore,,parallels east,
42.841805,-74.015614,West Shore,OG,parallels west at 26,,abandoned
42.791743,-74.016383,D&H main (cp),oh,,158.9,active
42.774555,-73.986853,CSX Selkirk Br ( west shore),ug,,156.9,active
42.756557,-73.938558,SnHR Fullers-Athens Jct,OG,just west of 25,,gone
42.625845,-73.778787,Norman Kill Bridge D&H Albany main to Kenwood Yd.,,,138.??,
42.551714,-73.782401,D&H Albany Sec. ( cp ) Selkirk to Kenwood,ug,,136.1,active
42.514610,-73.789159,Selkirk-Schodack Landing,UG,at 21A,,active
42.499899,-73.796465,NYC Albany-Selkirk (parallel to south),,
42.485251,-73.808110,NYC Albany-Selkirk (parallel to north),,
42.466993,-73.806924,NYC Ravena (parallel to south),,
42.452375,-73.811020,NYC Ravena (parallel to north),,
42.405621,-73.818441,NYC West Shore,ug,south of New Baltimore,,
42.243373,-73.892792,CnC,ug,south of 21,
42.072673,-73.974652,NYC Saugerties (visible to east),,south of 20,
41.940529,-74.034893,UnD,ug,south of 19
41.939920,-74.035312,NYO&W,ug,south of 19
41.881081,-74.058229,NYC Waulkill,ug,,,abandoned
41.691068,-74.077805,NH Maybrook Line,ug,btn 18 and 17,,abandoned
41.454936,-74.064516,Erie Newburgh,,,,abandoned pre-tway?
41.453035,-74.063357,Erie (Newburgh Short Line),,parallels south,,abandoned
41.430260,-74.067192,Erie (Newburgh Short Line),,parallels north,,abandoned
41.402618,-74.084216,Erie (Newburgh Short Line),,intersects south,,abandoned
41.395996,-74.091989,Erie (Newburgh Short Line),,intersects north,,abandoned
41.395996,-74.091989,Erie Newburgh,,high on hill parallels south,,abandoned
41.362888,-74.103951,Erie,,two lines switch places and closely parallel on west,,abandoned
41.349103,-74.115113,Erie,,both lines move away to west,,abandoned
41.339120,-74.117209,Erie,,both lines visible across wetland to west,,abandoned
41.312005,-74.123906,Erie,ug,interchange ramp of 16 parallels south
41.299530,-74.137117,Erie,,Newburgh Junction,
41.172582,-74.187662,Erie,,parallels north
41.152346,-74.189557,Erie,,parallels south
41.139726,-74.170552,Erie,UG,north of 15
41.117934,-74.156723,Erie,UG,south of 15 moves away to south
41.116125,-74.114938,Erie,,parallels to south/east
41.112594,-74.098621,Erie,,parallels to north/west
41.102405,-73.999180,NJ&NY New City,,Just West of Palisades Parkway,,abandoned
41.100746,-73.964409,NYC,og,west of 12,
41.067419,-73.867025,NYC Water Level,ug,Tappan Zee Bridge toll gates,
41.042572,-73.835922,NYCnH Putnam,ug,parallels to the south.
Last edited by RussNelson on Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:58 am, edited 1 time in total.

  by O-6-O
43.127500,-75.430100,NYOW Rome,UG,btw 32 and 33,244.8,abandoned?,,

1957 active till the end.

  by RussNelson
Thanks, 0-6-0. There's a lot of information missing from that table; all corrections and additions gladly appreciated.

  by RussNelson
Found another one! Exactly in the middle of Interchange 10 was the Erie Lackawana branch line to Nyack.

41.080906,-73.92227,Erie Nyack,at 10,,,abandoned

  by dbaker4572
41.940529,-74.034893,UnD,ug,south of 19
41.939920,-74.035312,NYO&W,ug,south of 19

The U&D crossing is still used by the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

The NYO&W, gone, now a railtrail.

  by RussNelson
Ha! Found another one! This one is just a siding, but still worthy of listing.

43.09046,-76.31896,NYC,,Warners Travel Plaza,292,abandoned,,A siding that served a brickyard in hillside just north of Warners Travel Plaza

  by boblenon
Suppose that would explain the roadname - Brickyard Rd :)

Here it is on a 1900 topo ...

And then 1957 ... (No siding)

Wonder if it dissapeared before the RS&E?
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