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  by timz
It's the 292 bus thru Brisbane-- check the Samtrans website. Runs every half hour or so.

You've maybe seen pics taken from the Bayshore overpass http://binged.it/IJWdeX and you've probably seen them taken from the overpass at http://binged.it/IJWjmS .
  by njtmnrrbuff
Hey timz, thanks for listing the bus number. One afternoon, I'm going to combine a trip to Bayshore with Brisbane.
  by Alloy
When I first came to San Francisco forty years ago, there was a Southern Pacific yard at the location where Bayshore is located. Almost all the tracks are gone from that area, but if you look at a Google map, you can see a spot in the middle of the old yard, labeled "San Francisco Trains." It appears that's the site of the only brick roundhouse left standing in California, and it was recently added to the National historic register. I don't know whether it's visible from the Caltrain station, but you can see it from Bayshore Boulevard, which is on the 292 route to Brisbane.