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  by dinwitty
Last thursday I had to hit South Bend for a flu shot, I decided to run to Michigan City and kinda followed the South Shore, but I wanted to hit the B&A hobbies who had their store closed for eons it seemed, they moved, well they owner might close the store for good now. The old store was just super and lots of stuff there, too bad there.

I went to the carrol shops and by lucky chance saw a westbound passenger, didnt have a schedule on me.
Looked around a bit at details for the module modeling I am doing, then headed off to the hobbyshop, wend down 11th street on that S curve following the south shore, and woops! A couple of Geeps were coming back eastbound! A quick steer and a wave and everythings cool.

I'll be back to Michigan City for a club show there late november.

The Geeps I saw were painted South Shore Line so they didnt have the job done on them.

  by PRRGuy
So far the only geep repainted is the 2000, two more are planned for next year.