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  by joesbag
In the latest RailPace Magazine, WNY Observer section, it is stated that on Sept 13th there is a railfan day at the railroad with the possibile presence of a second steam engine. I checked the A&A website under the "events" section this am and they have dinner trains running that day and the following. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks
  by thebigham

Maybe they will have the steam engine from Dunkirk that runs on the NY&LE sometimes?

Or will they pull #14 out of the enginehouse for display?
  by dj_paige
You would guess that if they were planning the things Railpace magazine said, that A&A would mention it on their web site. But they do not mention it on their web site.
  by BSOR Patarak
There are plans for a Railfan day. Unfortunatly, things did not work out to have it for the 13th of September. There is a night murder mystery special for the same day and would have made things tough on the crews (hours of service wise). The other wrench in the works is the track contractor rehabing the 7 miles to Curriers. I feared that if the work was not completed, slow orders and the uneven track would be tough on the little 0-4-0. It will still happen at a later date. The A&A will post more about it when it develops, as we need plenty of time for good advertising to fill the seats. A double header of steam in WNY hasn't happened on the A&A since 1967! We want to make it special and insure that it significantly boosts ridership for that day! Stay tuned, as it will be announced for a later date, perhaps into next season.
  by joesbag
Thanks for the great info BSOR Patarak! With all that is going on with the RR this year it is great to hear even the slightest consideration of a Railfan Day. I'll be one attending for sure. Keep up the good work.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Wow, just the thought of that sounds amazing. Any chance you could put #14 in neutral and just PUSH it along for a double header! :wink:
  by jgallaway81
Ben, in a purely hypothetical way, it technically would be possible, but only if the piston and valve stem rods were removed.

Both 18 and 14 use hydrostatic lubrication, which requires live steam. Without steam, 14 would be unable to lubricate her cylinders and very rapidly the pistons would begin to chew into the cylinder metal.

Now, if she had a Nathan Lubricator, it might be possible. Now, having said that, I wouldn't recommend it for a full excursions. Maybe out to the station as a static display (Arcade, not Curriers).

From a pragmatic point of view, 14 has sat idle for so long, there are many things that would have to be done before moving the engine any further then wihin the shop complex: all the bearing packings should be removed, teh cavities cleaned, new packings installed, all the pedestal wedges & shoes should be examined and insured in operating condition, all the rod bearings should be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and re-installed.

Further, 14 has no tender right now. Without one, 14 has no rear end coupler. Engines and tenders are drawbarred together. It might be possible to fashion some sort of crude drawbar from the engine's pocket to the coupler pocket on 18, 14 would still look kinda funny without a tender.
  by Benjamin Maggi
So you cannot just take one of the gears out and disconnect the wires to the motor and then push her around like an HO scale engine, eh?
  by jgallaway81
I feel a wee bit of sarcasm
  by tomjohn
What about K & K RR's Chinese built SY # 58 if she had a cab and some rebuilding and used as back up temporarily? Am I thinking correct, is she to heavy for the ARCADE AND ATTICA rails ...