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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by airman00
UGH!! Can we please try to SAVE railroads instead of these stupid dime a dozen rail trails?! New Jersey is the most UN-railroad friendly state in the nation! With sky-high RR taxes & too many trail friendly local town councils, we appear to be doing everything to make railroads into “the big bad railroad” and get rid of them. When is this gonna stop?? :(
  by ExCon90
It's hard to see what rail traffic would be available for that particular right-of-way. There seems always to be a tendency to approach these situations from the wrong end: not "what can this line be used for," but "what freight is there in the area and what kind of transportation does it need?"
  by airman00
New Jersey is also not very business friendly either. Anytime a business even THINKS about coming here and wanting rail service, the nimby’s come out in force to kill the deal. Plus with CSX/NS not exactly “branch line friendly” and charging exorbitantly inflated rates for even just one boxcar, it’s no wonder rail lines are disappearing like quicksand. And tourist/museum line? The insurance is enough to choke a horse, so forget that idea. The bottom line... NJ hates trains period.
  by Dcell
https://patch.com/new-jersey/wayne/work ... egin-wayne
Construction recently began on a project that will repurpose an abandoned stretch of railroad into a recreational path for cyclists and pedestrians. The long-awaited project will create a 4.8-mile trail from Wayne to Pequannock Township.

The asphalt-covered trail will be 10 feet wide, representing a similar concept to the Traction Line — a path that runs from Morristown to Madison.

Trains haven't run on the route for more than a decade. The stretch was once a commuter line and was later used as NYS&W’s Pompton Industrial Spur, serving freight customers along the path.
  by Dcell
https://wrnjradio.com/work-underway-on- ... rian-path/
Construction has begun on the long-awaited New York Susquehanna & Western (NYS&W) Railway Bicycle and Pedestrian Shared Use Path, a 4.8 mile trail project spearheaded by Morris County to repurpose an abandoned stretch of railroad for a non-motorized recreational path from Pequannock Township to Wayne Township.

Brush clearing and preliminary work on lifting old rails began last week on the $20 million, federally-funded project which was initiated by the Morris County Board of County Commissioners to transform an old railroad bed into a recreational trail linking Morris and Passaic counties. The path of the project begins at River Drive in Pequannock near Route 23, connecting with the township’s Aquatic Park, and runs southward to Mountainview Boulevard near NJ Transit’s Mountain View rail station in Wayne.
  by pdtrains
The construction and paving industries are INCREDIBLY in bed with NJ politicians.
Chances are pretty close to 100% that there are kickbacks and campaign financing connected with these rail-trail projects. I doubt NJ really cares about rail-trails, unless there are politicians who stand to gain from it.

NJ would be friendlier to railroads id there were more political payoffs from it.

The real money is from building condos. converting any industrial site or rail yard to condos is the NJ politicians dream.

Its a shame that the northeast continues to be so corrupt..., but its been that way since the 1700's , and anyone who comes in and tries to be honest, gets drummed out by the political machines and bosses.

The only thing that would bring any change would be if the feds came in and started arresting ppl. And even when that happens. the guys do their time, and then come back and hire with a big company in the pvt sector, promising that they have the connections to a company's agenda approved. Its just sad, and im glad I dont live in that area anymore.