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  by trainbrain
Any idea how many of them went up there or if there are any in regular J service? Hopefully they don't need maintenance during the 8 months of that service pattern.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
24 of them went...they only need 12 for service. Here's a video.

They put a temporary barn up in Fresh Pond so they can do inspections and the like. Wikipedia claims there's 50 42s in service, but I'm taking that with a boulder of salt, considering it also claimed that B&D sets are maintained at 38th Street yard until edits otherwise finally stuck...considering they were made by someone qualified to work that yard and familiar with what they do there lol

I do know when I went to the transit museum's Coney Island yard tour there were a bunch being SMS'd - that was this time(ish) last year - not sure if that program is over/if more are getting that spiffying up. I don't get out on the J much /shrug
  by railfan365
While I won't put energy into asserting that a track connection should be built between the Myrtle Avenue line and the Canarsie line because it would probably end up costing $4 billion and take 35 years to complete, I'm wondering why such a connection wasn't buuilt during original construction of those lines.
  by trainbrain
Any updates on the status of testing? Last I heard, revenue runs were supposed to begin in November, which means it was delayed from August or September. I was under the impression that the tests were going smoothly, so I'm not sure why it was delayed.
  by trainbrain
We've got to be getting close now to the R179's entering service. Can anyone confirm?
  by rr503
They're hot messes. Seats breaking, stanchions coming off walls, traction motors failing, headlights doing strange things... Bombardier's production problems have struck.
  by Head-end View
Unreal! I guess Bombardier has gone down hill since the days when they built LIRR's M-7's which LIRR has been generally satisfied with. :(
  by quad50cal
Must be an anomaly. The UK can't get enough of Bombardier rolling stock.
  by trainbrain
Wow, the R179 program is rivaling the R46 in terms of the equipment being a dumpster fire right out of the box.
  by rr503
Yeah my thought exactly.

I'm honestly worried about how this will affect the L shutdown -- will the B div have enough cars to absorb the associated service increases? And if not, what to do?

God I wish they'd picked someone else...
  by trainbrain
Problem is they cannot keep the R32's and R42's in service forever. The R42's are supposed to be retired once the M shuttle is done, and I don't see how the R32's last until 2022 like Wikipedia says they will. They may well need to retire some or all of both fleets before the replacements are fully in service, and that would mean car shortages and service cuts. They would likely need to send the C's R160's back to East NY and run 6 car R46's on the C (like they used to do on the G) and run something else on some of the A trains to make up for it.
  by tommyboy6181
The 30 day revenue service testing has begun. I found a video on YouTube showing the R179 train on the J.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o7kUKkYH8w" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Head-end View
That train looked like R-160's to me. How do you tell an R-179 from an R-160?
  by trainbrain
Numbers in the 3000's=R179

If they don't break down during this test the rest may begin to enter service on other lines.
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