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  by trainbrain
Has anyone seen the set that they did this on? I personally think the shade of blue is way too dark and the stripe is too wide and in the wrong place. It would look so much better with the lighter blue and narrower stripe on the bottom like the R211 PR picture. I also think the interior artwork looks like something you'd find in a pediatrician's office.

  by Allan
So far I have only seen them in the various YouTube videos. The color scheme doesn't look that bad. It seems better than the one used on the new buses coming in.

I can't say much about the interior (I haven't been in a pediatrician's office since I can't remember when) except that it seems to be too busy for a subway car interior and could wind up giving some people eye strain or a headache.
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  by trainbrain
I mean it has the similar bright flashy colors that I guess little kids supposedly like.
  by andegold
I guess I'm indifferent to the blue stripe. The interiors look way too bright and busy and like it could detract from the advertisements. I love the new busses, they make me think I'm in Ann Arbor!
  by JamesRR
I saw this train today at West 4 Street heading uptown. Definitely stands out - the blue is really bold, and covers half the car.

I just feel like these stripes wear off eventually and look pretty ratty once the cars have been washed a lot. Hopefully it's just a PR stunt for now.
  by Allan
Based on what they have been doing to new buses that have been delivered I don't think the new color scheme is intended to be a PR stunt.