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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by D Alex
Isn't that the shelter that used to be just off 332 just north of where the Honda dealer is today? I remember going past a structure just like that at an intersection where a strictly N-S road ran off 332 at an angle at the top of a hill. It was there throughout the 80's, but I believe it was either demolished or moved when they radically reconstructed 332 in the early 90's. FWIW, it was located in the middle of a big, grassy triangle between the roads.
  by nydepot
This is a different one, I believe. This was in a person's yard. It was supposedly moved not far from its original location at Freshour.
  by lvrr325
This took some doing.

A website Rochesterandeastern.com has the route shown on old topos.

http://www.rochesterandeastern.com/rne_ ... large.html

This appears to show the original location along County Rt 46 in black and the moved location on County Rt 4 in blue. It would appear to be a farm on the north side of 4. But all I see at the "moved" location is an old garage with a similar roof shape.

So a whole lot of digging for nothing unless it's hidden somewhere on that farm. Some of the other locations highlighted on the map are either wrong or outdated.
  by nydepot
Yes, I think that website is old.

They just tore down the Hathaways flag station for a new Lyons National Bank.
  by lvrr325
Too bad they couldn't have moved it.
  by nydepot
It's funny. They had no idea. The billboard at the corner of County Rd 41 and Rt 332 says "Preserving History" When I went to photography the shelter, a new bank and an old house was on the site. The shelter was gone. The shelter was always on eh property but after the trolley went under, it was turned into a shed.

I found the planning committee docs from 2019 for the Town of Farmington and the bank said they were going to keep the farmhouse but tear down the barn and two sheds. So they had no idea what they had. It was in rough shape. But still interesting - preserving history but they had no real idea of the history of the property other than the Hathaway Farm.
  by blackbearford
Just for clarification - Freshour Rd runs between towns of Manchester and Hopewell. Rt. 332 (Canandaigua - Farmington) was rebuilt into a 4-lane divided in 95’ I believe.
  by CPSmith
Drove by County Rd. 41 & 332 intersection, locally and colloquially known as Hathaway, Hathaway's, Hathaway Corners or Hathaway's Corners depending on the document you happen to be reading at the moment. I snapped a reasonable pic as I made the turn. The original building [white, with columns] (perhaps an old farm house - I always thought it was a carriage house - not sure where I got that from - and more than likely the Hathaway property) remains and the other outbuildings are gone as you stated. I remember them, but I didn't know they were RR related. The large barn-like structure is part of the new construction.

Question: Was the building in question (the now demolished Hathaway shelter) always in that location? Or was it somewhere else and subsequently moved there?
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  by nydepot
Yes, although were were talking about Freshour Rd and the shelter we touched on some other stations on the map lvrr325 referenced and I mentioned Hathaways was torn down.
blackbearford wrote: Sat May 30, 2020 12:06 pm Just for clarification - Freshour Rd runs between towns of Manchester and Hopewell. Rt. 332 (Canandaigua - Farmington) was rebuilt into a 4-lane divided in 95’ I believe.
  by CPSmith
Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack your thread. Hathaway just happen to come up, so … maybe keeping this subject active will jog some memories.

County Rd. 41 is east-west and 332 is roughly north-south. The former Hathaway property (and new bank) is in the north-west quadrant. The gas station (formerly Hess, now something else) is in the north-east quadrant. A new housing development, appropriately named “Hathaway’s Corners” on the contractor’s billboard, is going in the south-west quadrant. The land has been cleared, utilities are going in as we speak, and the historical marker on 41 has been removed along with the dirt access road to the Hathaway cemetery. Presumably, the new homeowners will have quiet neighbors.

Prior to expansion of 332 (in 1995?), there was a small structure in the south-east quadrant, set back from either road by about 50-100 feet. It appeared to be of a similar size and construction of a typical R&E flag stop station, therefore that’s what I always believed it to be. Age and vegetation consumed it over the years and I assume it was demolished in the 332 re-do, but I don’t know that for a fact. It was one of those “I’ll get a picture next time, because it will always be there” items, and we all know how that goes.

So what was it? I’m not disputing your (or anyone’s) assertions regarding Hathaway structures. Since everything’s gone, it’s impossible to know anyway, but I bring it up for discussion now just in case anyone else remembers it as well.

On a side note, I dug out my copy of William Reed Gordon’s book. I purchased it years ago from the Yankee Peddler Bookshop and had forgotten it was stuffed with R&E-related newspaper clippings. I will scan them and post in another thread.
  by nydepot
My info from several years ago (mailed to me) was that the station was on the farm property (NE quad) of CR41/RT332 intersection. One map I saw had the station in back of the house which seemed to confirm this.

Are you sure you weren't thinking of the R&E/332/NYC crossing a bit south of there? There was a shelter off 332 down there.
  by CPSmith
No, I'm sure of the location. Whatever it was, perhaps it was not RR related. Too late now.
  by lvrr325
Hathaway was slightly more substantial than a shelter, it could have served as a single car garage. I hit a county historical site looking for info on the Freshour one and came up with a second confirmation of Hathaway. It still shows in street view images, the smaller structure closest to the road approximately where the tan thing (shipping container office?) is in the picture above. There was a second, wider shed right next to it, which had a wide garage door that sat cockeyed half open for a long time.

Gas station was a Hess, then a Speedway, then the last time I drove by it was an Exxon of all things. It's on the back way I take coming from Buffalo so I go past it a couple times a year. Sounds weird I know, but it works and is usually devoid of traffic.

I can see why it was torn down in the 2019 pics. The roof is gone, save the beams, you can see daylight through them.