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  by CPSmith
"Unlikely PC" - great site - thanks for the link. In times past, I used to check the "smellycat" PC site (I know - funny name, but...), but the links no longer work. Anyone know what happened?
  by umtrr-author
I don't know what happened specifically to the site pc.smellycat.com but if I recall correctly it was announced there a few years ago that there would be no new content. Maybe the content owner decided to simply take it down.

That's the downside of cyberspace-- sites can and do disappear without warning. That site was a good resource.
  by Grantlandram
Bob Reid is my grandpa and he did have a printing job.he now lives in turtle creek.He is moving to Kentucky again in about September.
  by KLCS
As of yesterday the Unlikely PCRR website appears to be down. When going to the website, it says the domain has expired.

There was a lot of great material on the website-a great resource. It was last updated in July 2013 (relatively recent). Hopefully this is temporary.
  by Tommy Meehan
That is terrible news. I used the site many times and it was a gold mine. :(
  by charlie6017
Here's another PC site I found while searching. Looks like it might have been around for a while, so maybe you folks
already are aware of it.......anyway, here you go.


http://pcrrusa.tripod.com/index.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Tommy Meehan
Tommy Meehan wrote:That is terrible news. :(
Now some good news. The site appears to be up again! :-)
  by Allen Hazen
Good news indeed! Thanks for passing it on.
One of the new items uploaded in November 2014 is a list of PC approved paints: actual catalogue numbers of the paint formulations various paint companies supplied for PC to use in different applications.

Including the infamous locomotive exterior enamel (which the list, b.t.w., calls "Brunswick Green"). It includes a sixteen ounce spray can (for touch-up, I suppose) from Sherwin Williams. If Sherwin Williams(*) still offers that particular shade, one way of answering the vexed question of what colour PC's locomotives really were would be to get a spray can, spray something (fender of car belonging to the guy next door with the barking dog that keeps you awake all night?), let it dry, and then look at it under different lighting conditions…

(*) Seriously off-topic, but did you know that "Sherwin-Williams" was a technical term in palaeontology? One theory about mammal evolution is that the main mammal groups -- including marsupials -- first evolved in the northern hemisphere and later migrated to places like South America and Australia where they are found today. This is called the "Sherwin-Williams model," in reference to the company's iconic "covers the earth" advertising image.
  by charlie6017
Tommy Meehan wrote:
Tommy Meehan wrote:That is terrible news. :(
Now some good news. The site appears to be up again! :-)
Thanks for passing this along Tommy! :-D