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  by Chicagopcclcars
What to look for on Monday, first weekday of Wells Bridge Project Two.....1. All rerouted Brown line trains should have "red Roosevelt" signs which should mean no large scale transfers of equipment, no stickers either. All the 2400s from Midway and all 3200s from Kimball are said to have the correct signs. 2. At Altgeld Interlocking, just north of Fullerton station, watch to see rerouted Brown line trains switch from track one to track two. It has been reported and I saw it too that there was extensive track work done in this location in the past few weeks. 3. I'm looking to see if any enhancements to the signal system were done in the subway. 4. Southbound rerouted Brown line trains should be emptied at Roosevelt and should run "lite" to 63rd St. Middle track for turning. This avoids picking up passengers at in-between stops, only to have to remove them at Garfield/ Red. 5. Midway reroutes might run "in service" on Orange line, both directions. There evidently are many passengers taking advantage of service to the east side of the Loop. 6. Merchandise Mart will have a "gap train". 7. Any standing SB at Chicago/Franklin is partly due to safety margin for single track operation into Merchandise Mart, so temper complaints.


Photo taken from Historical Car Transfer move shows crossovers north of Fullerton that will be used to place Brown line subway reroutes onto Red line subway track and inside berthing SB at Fullerton. This will simplify boarding at Fullerton.....subway trains on the inner, Mart trains on the outer.