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  • General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.
General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
It appears that overseas, luxury excursion train service, or Luxotrain if you will, has taken hold where the generally State owned rail systems have exited various intercity routes. Coming to mind are such as the South African Blue Train, the Malaysian Peninsula service, the Orient Express, the Rocky Mountaineer in Western Canada, and the Indian Pacific in Australia.

But no Luxotrains, while tried, have ever taken hold in the US. No doubt, a reason is Amtrak's "more or less" exclusive franchise to operate intercity trains, and private sector Luxotrains while not excluded under RPSA 70, represent an inroad upon that franchise - and what government agency does not get feathers ruffled when someone else steps on their turf!

And besides, Amtrak Long Distance trains are likely now as "safe" as they have ever been over Amtrak's 45 year history, which means anyone really needing a "fix" can have reasonable expectation that they will get such aboard a "more positives than negatives" Amtrak LD.

It is a very safe assumption that if RPSA 70 had not been enacted, some regional agency would have operated service on the Corridor, but beyond that..Adios with worst case (industry perspective) being all gone by Staggers implementation during 1980.

So the point for discussion; would in a no scheduled intercity passenger train environment, the Luxotrain found more public acceptance?

Maturity and respect, please.
  by dowlingm
Rocky Mountaineer and CP seem to be able to manage their relationship in British Columbia. Different regulatory environment of course but it does give at least a guide to what is possible if all parties are agreeable to it.
  by electricron
Playing this scenario out in my own mind, if Amtrak were to disappear, I believe all regularly scheduled long distance trains would also disappear. Regional trains will probably survive, those trains subsidized by States or Private Enterprise - like FEC. Luxury trains will probably be dinner trains near large metros that will end where they started. I don't see luxury land cruises surviving when there are plenty of luxury sea cruises available.
  by dowlingm
Well, there's at least one new leisure service out there in the world: the Belmond Grand Hibernian.
Consist will be an EMD class 201 locomotive, 9 refurbished Irish Rail Mark III coaches and a Mark III Electric Generator Van. Presumably still cleared for 100mph as in prior scheduled service where permitted.
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If I read the forums correctly, first service run at end of the month. I would have bet good money it would never happen.
  by John_Perkowski
Allowing the comments on non-US luxury passenger operations, since this is a bit of a speculation thread.