• "HS2" to Scotland Proposed (2035)

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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Jeff Smith
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According to the High Speed Rail Group’s High Speed Rail and Scotland report, which was written by transport think tank Greengauge 21, linking HS2 to Scotland would boost connectivity, cut carbon and rebalance the economy.

These improvements could also be delivered to coincide with the opening of Phase 1 on HS2 – which is to be phased between 2029 and 2035 – to add to the benefits of the work for passengers and post-Covid recovery of the construction sector.

The group claims that a link would cut travel times between London and Scotland to just over three hours and would help the Scottish government meet its target to be carbon net zero by 2045. The report also suggests that such a link would “level up” the north of England during the post-Covid recovery.
Data put forward by the report shows that the business case for an Anglo Scottish high speed rail link is much stronger – 7.6:1 – than the current business case for HS2 between London and Birmingham/Manchester which is 2.9:1. The report adds that this strength is due to travel between London and Scotland being the only pre-coronavirus market where short haul flights were prevalent over rail, adding to the green credentials of the proposal. The report described the Anglo-Scottish transport market as representing “low hanging fruit” for carbon reduction.

According to the report, the link could be delivered through a programme of upgrades to existing lines, combined with new dedicated sections of high speed line but delivery would need Transport for the North to be given an oversight role in the scheme to allow it to coordinate with Transport Scotland.