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The third Renaissance set was ready to enter service this week replacing the one remaining Budd set on the Ocean but just yesterday (July 10) VIA announced that the Budd set will remain in service until this fall.

The Ocean has been selling out at lot this summer and the cars from the third Ren set will now be used to increase the capacity of Ren sets 1 & 2.

Don’t know if the complete set will be “set-out” in Moncton as was done in the past with several Budd sleepers to be picked up later in the day by the westbound Ocean or the cars will be split between sets 1 & 2.

  by downbeat
According to reports elsewhere, the cars from the third Renaissance set have been "permanently" split among the existing set. Via #14 that arrived in Halifax Tuesday had a baggage car, four coaches, three service cars, a dining car and seven sleepers. Three cars behind (not normally part of the consist) was a baggage car and two private cars.
Also, if you refer to the Via Web site that gives details about meals searved on board the train, you'll notice that the HEP sets will be used at least until the end of December 2004.
BTW, there are completely new menus for the Renaissance equipment.