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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by DGC-24711
The movie has been around 5 years now, and I remember the hub bub surrounding the filming of it- the winter before I'm guessing.

It was a direct to television film. They'll originally air on Starz, LIfetime, Hallmark etc. Another entry in the Only-In-A-Dream-Romantic-Chistmas movies that fit into two-hour blocks . They'll re-air over and over again during the season on stations like Ion.

Anyways, if you're completely in the dark about this (and haven't gone to search it yet), the movie is majorly filmed in East Aurora, NY (some other shots were captured elsewhere - see the IMDB page) and a plot nugget involves coming and going from town on the Arcade & Attica RR.

To the watcher who doesn't live in town, they'll believe that there's a steam train that has a station on the main drag in EA..

I don't recall any part of the movie showing riding it..just the train pulling in and leaving, or someone walking out of the station building..

Surprised it is not a topic in this here forum, so I'd love to know if anyone with the A&A that posts here can talk about their experiences being actors for the day!
  by ctclark1
Arcade & Attica, by way of Aurora.. That'd be an interesting route. (Could've called it the A&A&A then!)

Having somehow missed this completely when it happened, I took a quick browse of the production photos on IMDB, and am happy to see that the coaches were green for this as it makes it more realistic as an actual passenger service railroad. (I'll probably take some flak for that, sorry, but for me the orange coaches SCREAM circus train, and would not have looked right as a railroad providing regular service as portrayed in the movie). I do wonder what they would've done if 18 had been out of service at the time of filming, though.