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  by orangeline
Today I was downtown and noted that Red Line trains were rerouted from the State St. subway to the Brown/Loop elevated. It seems that this morning the destination signs on Red Line trains were the Purple Line's "LOOP". Later they were the Red Line's own HOWARD and 95/DAN RYAN. I'm curious if anyone can explain why the Purple Line LOOP destination signs (for travel both North and South of the LOOP) were used at all.

  by doepack
It might've been to inform passengers boarding at Red line stations north and south of the Loop that the train was actually heading downtown via the Loop elevated instead of the subway. Though I haven't seen it in awhile, when Red runs "over the top", it's only along the Lake and Wabash segments of the Loop. Operators running SB trains flip the destination sign from "Loop" to "95/Dan Ryan" at Adams/Wabash, while NB trains flip the sign from "Loop" to "Howard" at Clark/Lake, or at least that's how it's supposed to work.

AFAIK, Red line signs don't have a "Loop" designation, but since most equipment assigned to the Red line have either Brown, Purple, or Orange line signs, I guess the operator was simply using what was available...

  by orangeline
Thanks doepack

I was curious why the LOOP sign was used in the morning (I took Orange Line in ~ 8:00 AM) and by the time I headed back about 11:30 it was normal Red Line signage on all affected trains.

By the way, you're right about rerouted trains using the Lake and Wabash legs of the L.

One final observation -- Pink Line trains were only 2 cars and they looked like kiddie toys compared to other trains.

  by Tadman
It is amusing to watch the little pinky dinkies come rolling in - one of my favorite spots is the crossing at Canal at rush hour, and the view is typically massive Metra trains and tiny pink trains.