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  by RailBus63
My family and I may be staying next month at a hotel in the White Plains area and traveling into the city via Metro North. The closest station would be Tarrytown, but the White Plains station is not too far away either. We will likely be returning from the city late on one evening, and I'd like to park our car that day at one of the stations. Can anyone recommend which station has the best daily parking options for an out-of-town rider? Many Metro North stations seem to have more permit parking and only limited parking for one-time riders paying cash.



  by njtmnrrbuff
White Plains. There are many parking decks but I am not sure about the costs. I can tell you that there is more service out of WP than Tarrytown. Mondays through Saturdays, the trains serve WP three times an hour. I'd take anything that origionates in NWP.
  by s4ny
For daytime round trip to NYC I park at the White Plains lot across from the Westchester County Center. (between the Bronx River Pkwy and the MN tracks) $4 after 10 AM. Don't know when the lot closes at night.

If I go in late afternoon for the evening, I park on the street near the North White Plains Station. There is usually lots of time left on some of the meters and parking is free after 6 PM. There also is a large lot at NWP on the west side of the tracks which usually has daily parking.

  by harmon44
The lot across from the county center stops taking money in the evening unless there is an event at the County Center. The lost does not close at night. However, if you are coming back late at night the N. White Plains lot is better for lighting and is a shorter walk.

  by RailBus63
Thanks for the info.


  by njtmnrrbuff
N. White Plains is where a lot of the lower Harlem Line locals end so you could easily get a seat. In White Plains, you have to stand very close to the train.

  by andy
Tarrytown has plenty of parking, however, non-residents (all) and residents (without a (semi)-annual-permit sticker) must park in the far parking lot (on the New York side of the tracks). Requires going over the green bridge that goes over the tracks.

Parking is free weekends and holidays. A one day permit is $10; $5 for residents. Get it at the Tarrytown Police Station (in the Resident Permit parking lot).

  by RailBus63
Thanks to all for your input and advice. We visited the city on Friday and Saturday, and parked both days in the lots at North White Plains. Five bucks on Friday and free parking on the weekends.