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  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by TCurtin
The fondly remembered fleet of RS-3s that dominated the Harlem Division on the 1950s and 60s all had Alco Builder's plates dated July 1951 (according to a couple of items in an old notebook of mine from that era). However, it's well known that steam operation there continued until September 1952.** Photos suggest that there wasn't much of a steam-to-diesel "phase over" period.This makes me wonder where the RS-3s were used for the 14 month period between July 51 and September 52. Comments?

** With the exception of a few freight jobs like the "Rut Milk" which, according to photos, was using FA's back in 1950.
  by Backshophoss
The RS-3's were the main passenger power into the PC era on the Harlem Line, untill PC bumped the FL-9's into the "new" Metro Region,and off the shoreline to Boston South.
Some did work JN-2 untill all freight ops were moved to PC's NE region,and the invasion of the "black dip" U-23B's took told.
  by BR&P
That has no connection with the question originally asked.

NYC had 14 RS-1's. T hey later wound up in Rochester, Syracuse and maybe Buffalo. NYC also had a bunch of RS-2's. Could the new RS-3's have been involved with some shuffling and re-assignment of those units prior to being assigned to the Harlem Division?
  by Backshophoss
The RS-1's and 2's were the diesels that killed steam on the Putnam Branch,and proved the Alco RS concept,The RS-3's were better suited to the longer/heavier Harlem line commuter services and the
longer runs to Chatham,Both the RS-1's and 2's were lighter weight,and used on branches with lightweight rails
  by R Paul Carey
Actually, it was the Lima-Hamilton 1200 hp road switchers (NOT Alco RS-1's and RS 2's) that closed the book on steam on the Putnam Division, in 1951. This is an understandable mistake, owing to the look-alike aspect of the LH 1200 to the Alco RS-1. As the Baldwin (BLH) RS-12s were delivered, the LH units were assigned to the B&A, mostly used on the Newton Highlands Branch.

By the mid-1950s the LH and BLH units were withdrawn from passenger service and assigned to the Southern region, where they were well-maintained and rendered service on NYC up to the 1968 PC merger.
  by BR&P
Thanks for clarifying that, Paul! It's appreciated.
  by TCurtin
But so far no responder seems to know where the RS-3s were used between their delivery in July 1951 and their assignment to "kill steam" on the Harlem in September 1952
  by RSD15
It looks to me that there was 10 RS3's with a build date of 7-51, NYC 8251-8280. Try looking for photos of these before September 1952.
  by Rockingham Racer
The White Plains switcher that came down to Woodlawn in the late 60s had an RS. Don't know what model, though.