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  by NeoArashi
Hello fellow VIA Rail fans. Yesterday I went to the Gare Du Palais (Québec city VIA rail Station) to record 2 trains. I recorded the number 27 leaving for Montreal at 5h30 PM and then waited inside the station for the 24 to arrive. However, at 7:15 pm, I heard a message saying the train was arriving. And when I went outside to record it (I have to walk a good 3-4 minutes, since you have to go around the whole building to see trains arrive.). It was 7:18 when it I got to my usual spot to record trains. However, at 7:25, hour that it should BE arriving (according to the timetable) it was already leaving the station... in reverse!

And this is not the first time I've seen something similar. It seems that the Quebec - Montreal trains are rarely, if ever late, and they sometime even get ahead of schedule.