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  by BSOR Patarak
I know there has been some discussion on the forum about reprinting or rewriting of the Lewis book on the A&A.

This got me thinking about what people like in books about particular railroads.

For me, I like the more historical side. The details of the beginning, early pictures, rosters etc. Since the A&A spans such a long time, including up to today, I feel a small color section would be a must for an update. In talking to a few people, it also seems that some scale model information might be appropriate. I don't know how much you could put in on the modeling end, it could almost be the subject of a book in itself. There are several scale drawings of various buildings and a few pieces of equipment that have been published over the years. Perhaps a line drawing or two?

I think quality pictures and maps are a must. However, IMHO, I think Morning Sun takes this to the extreme. Too many pictures and not enough text for me. Many of the early pictures will not be of the highest quality for reprint...but I think they are just as important.

What else would you all suggest for a quality book worth buying?

  by Benjamin Maggi
Well Pat, I think the Model Railroader article from 9/1978 covered the modeling aspect pretty well. Unless you mean a section with drawings of the stations and the engines. Personally, I would rather see a chapter on their "lineside' structures (which could have photos and drawings of the stations, the sandhouse, the engine house, the watertower, and maybe even the little steps that were used up until recent time for allowing the public access to the cabs of the engines at Curriers). Another chapter could have equipment (with drawings of #14 and #14... PLEASE... plus maybe a roster of the current coaches, gondola, MOW stuff, and all the past steamers and diesels.)

Personally, while I think the earlier years were good, I don't want just another Lewis reprint. I want something that also features the 1970's to the present. For many of us, that is all we know of the line, and also the area of history least discussed in print.

I think, and have said in many past posts, that it would be interested to have chapters of the engines showing all of their evolving schemes. The whole book can be arranged chronologically with the pictures to match, but being able to trace the equipment through its different colors is what I would like to see most in a new book. Of course, everyone wants something else.

Pat, I KNOW you have lots of rare pictures of the railroad.... because I frequently see you win them and decide to let them go. I knew eventually they might end up in the book. Things like motor cars, and weird coaches, and other such things.

  by jgallaway81
As one of the most intense ARA fans, I look for ANYTHING attached to the history of the railroad... be it from 1881's Tonawanda Valley Railroad (or any of the unsuccessful attempts before that.

If Ed was willing to release the copyright for his previous book, it could be used as an introduction for the book, and then expand from there into every touchable subject... buildings, equipment, modeling.

It might be possible as a multi-volume set, or even as a large-page-count book, ie 400+ pages.

There is SO much history of the A&A that touches other aspects of our lives... the link with Borden's "Cremora", the switching of the prison in Attica... the connections the BE&C, the use of ex-Buffalo & Susquehanna trackage.