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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by mainetrain
Sorry for the step back in time, but I found a few pictures before construction of the new Kuiken siding.

Here is the H81 switching out Kuiken Early Spring 2007


The barrier installed between the tracks and the new Westwood shopping area on Kinderkamack Rd on the Emerson border


Here's BANO on the H81


finally, the ballast train brought in for the new siding. This picture is taken from our business fire escape stairway


  by erielackawanna
Boy has it changed since I knew it.

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  by DocJohn
What is location of this siding?


  by mainetrain
I don't know the milepost, but it is in Emerson, between Lincoln blvd and Chestnut street
  by DocJohn
Sorry for the dumb question. Was back in the area for family business this past Ocotber and followed line by car from NY line to Hackensack (including watching a NB passenger at Emerson station) and did not see anything resembling pictures. Is this siding more than spur into a lunmber yard?


  by mainetrain
See the pictures on page 27 to see how it differs from the picture above.
As someone has mentioned, there is now flexibility for a local freight to park at Kuiken Brothers lumber as to let passenger trains by. You will not see this unless you look north from Lincoln, south from Chestnut, or go to the back of Kuiken

  by finsuburbia
Metro-North Railroad and New Jersey Transit will hold meetings to create a long-term strategy that could lead to additional improvements to the Pascack Valley Line, Rockland County Legislative Chairwoman Harriet Cornell said.

Cornell, who organized the meetings, said the the study would consider creating additional parallel and passing tracks, and look at the current signal system, train storage capacity and platforms.

The portion of the Bergen County and Main line tracks used by Pascack Valley Line trains, as well as the Hoboken Terminal, will be included in the study.

Cornell said the planning exercises would look at incremental improvements through 2030.
Metro-North, NJ Transit to discuss Rockland rail improvements

  by RichM
The barrier wall is interesting. Anyone know whether it's actually on the NJT right of way or not?

If so, is the remaining right of way now wide enough to permit any future expansion, like a passing siding or potenial future double tracking? This seems like the farthest point north before the trackbed is really constricted in Westwood and Hillsdale.

  by njtmnrrbuff
Maybe, the siding in Emerson, could even be used for passenger service, as it's there. You really can't do much in terms of siding between Westwood and Hillsdale, as Broadway closely parallels the PVL, and I think there is a something to the immediate west of the tracks. Pearl River can be done, as there's already an abandoned track. While the new PVL service is off to a good start, I can see better in the future.
  by DocJohn
If someone has some photos of Park Rdige station in the early 1960s, they will see a second track or space for one.

Macon, GA
  by DocJohn
If someone has some photos of Park Rdige station in the early 1960s, they will see a second track or space for one.

Macon, GA

  by duey
That was a very small siding for a lumber company located on the east side of the tracks. The siding was pulled up about five years ago, and the lumbar yard itself is now gone as well, replace by an apartment building.

  by Steve F45
while getting gas at the shell station by the malcome ave crossing in hasrouck heights i had an idea. There is a piece of property directly across from the gas station that is for sale. I think it used to be an old labratory or some sort. The property is fairly large. I was thinking to myself *what if* you construct a decent sized park and ride with east and westbound high level platforms. You eliminate woodridge station and teterboro station. They would only be 5 minutes from the new station not really adding any real commute to the people who already use these 2 stations. And by doing this 1 theoretically you can speed up service with now only 1 station, 2 have complete double track from the PVL/BCL split all they way to Essex street possibly. And if you wanted to get a lil more crazy in the head you could add a westbound platform at essex street where I think NJT has made an additional parking lot on that side. If room permits now you can extend the double track as far north as green street where it would have to remain single since there is really absolutely no room there for a second track in that area, but after the station you could go back to double track all the way to where the north hackensack passing siding is.

I know its going to the extreme, a pipe dream. But think about it? It could work.

  by northjerseybuff
yea..thats a great idea..i had thought about that as well..although does NJT have money to buy the land up?
I thought NJT was going to build a park and ride near route 4 in north hackensack?? I still can't get an answer from anyone as to what happened to that project.
be that as it may..NJT just opened 2 park and rides on two big hiways..if they want NJT to grow, more will be needed, in bergen county and eastern bergen county..the two mentioned..along rt17 and rt 4 would be good.
Will the new meadowlands station be a park and ride during the week??
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