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  by Tadman
The plant that built the CSS orange MU's, now owned by Jupiter Aluminum, burned last year - I just found CBS2's coverage, including a video of the mill building (which never had tracks in it) burning. I believe the erection shops were untouched, and the mill building - maybe at one time the foundry or fab shop - was the only loss. I could be wrong though.

http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/local ... 75159.html

  by PRRGuy
I was at work during all this, you could see a huge cloud of black smoke from the East Chicago station across the IHB yard, I thought at first there was a track wreck over there.

  by dinwitty
What is the industrial area near the CSS north of Caroll on the NKP?

I don't know if this is the same fire or not but what I heard that started it,
some workers were doing some welding or cutting with torches, and some red hot bolt flew from the scene and dropped onto a girder, from there it smoldered and grew from there.
The plant was built thruout with these wooden girder beams.

  by PRRGuy
Do you mean the old Pullman plant in Michigan City? They recently tore some more buildings down to make the strip mall bigger.

  by Tadman
dinwitty - north of NKP at Carrol avenue is the old Royal Furniture factory - according to my dad the place has been dead for quite a while. I don't know what the factory between NKP and CSS is - it's been for sale as long as I can remember. It might also be part of the one-time Royal facility. I think it's a great CSS parking lot candidate. Both properties are beyond ancient, as evidenced by the wooden girders mentioned in the original post. To have a saleable factory in the upper midwest, it's got to be metal framed, without windows, and likely with a craneway. Strikes 1, 2, and 3 for both derelict facilities. I can't believe the city hasn't bulldozed both, as they seem to be the type of buildings that junkies could hole up in and murder people for their money to buy another hit of something.

edit: I'm just thinking out loud - how many Pullman Works have now had significant fires? Michigan City (Haskell & Barker), Hammond (Standard Steel Car), Chicago (original Pullman works). Anybody know about Osgood Bradley?