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  by endoftheline
My employer owns a pullman car and is very interested in restoring it. It is on a siding in front of an old freight transfer building which has already been remodeled into a dinner/theater. We think it would be great to restore this pullman and use as additional space for dinner/drinks etc. All with the flavor of a pullman dining car. The car has N&W #521406 on it. Information I have so far is that it was a MoW conversion possibly used by the N&W foreman for eating and sleeping. It will take some work but we feel if we can get some pictures/drawings of how the car looked when it was in service that would be the place to start. Anyone who might be able help would be very appreciated. We just need someone to help get the project started. Thanks a bunch. M.T. Carpenter 336-886-1148. (collect o.k.0
  by spike
Contact Roanoke Chapter - National Railway Historical Society at (540) 982-3595.
They have plenty of resources to share with you.
  by John_Perkowski
Whether you're talking about a static car or an Amtrak certified runner, contact the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners ( www.aaprco.com ). There are experts who can help you.

There is a yahoo group, Passenger Car List. Several of the leading experts in things Pullman participate. There are folks who actually own PV on that participate on that list. There are folks who can find original plans for your car (to include history) at the Illinois Railroad Museum.

Can you post pictures of the car? It might help us tell you the heritage of the car in question.