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  by railtrailbiker
Like most Metro-North Railroad riders, those who commute from the North White Plains station need more places to park.

Station access is constrained by the one-way streets at its north and south ends. Commuters come from White Plains and Greenburgh, and from towns farther north such as Bedford, Pound Ridge, North Castle and Yorktown, where there are no train stations or service isn't as frequent.

North White Plains is the railroad's 14th busiest station in Westchester, with 2,500 daily riders β€” and about 1,250 parking spaces. Complicating matters, it is constrained by wetlands, flood plains and the proximity of two properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places and cannot be touched β€” the Bronx River Parkway Reservation and the White Plains Rural Cemetery.

With no room to expand parking outward, the railroad and Westchester County decided to look up. After a year of review, they now propose constructing a 2,200-space, five-level parking garage on railroad-owned property that now has 888 spaces. Although 750 parking spaces would be lost, the net gain with a garage would be about 1,450 spaces, when buffers, sidewalks and landscaping are factored in.

Tuesday night, the railroad and the county will hold a public meeting to present four ways commuters could reach the garage. They hope riders and residents will make suggestions that can shape an environmental impact statement, which would lead to a final decision about what to build within two years.
http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs ... 020/NEWS04

  by Lackawanna484
The parking garages at MetroPark NJ have made an enormous increase in capacity there. The garage at Ramsey, adjacent to NJ 17 will prob be filled in another 2 years.

I gotta give MetroNorth credit for raising the issue now, and allowing time to build. Putnam and northern Westchester and the Danbury area continue to grow rapidly

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
You know what, this lot is filled with people from Connecticut and northern Westchester and Putnam counites. You will be adding so much traffic to the local streets, it will be like living in Manhattan. I live here and it's unbearable already. If you build a 2200 space 5 story mamouth garage, you'll worsen the already clogged streets, increase air polution and destroy the quaintness of the community.

Build a two story garage if that needs to be done. Build other small structures at locations where many of the people are now commuting from, ie Hawthorne, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Bedford Hills, Katonah, and yes New Caanan. Oh but I forgot, Connecticut doesn't allow New York residents to park at it's PUBLIC railroad station garages and lots on a monthly basis but we allow them here in New York. The MTA says they can't prevent people from out of state from parking at their facilities but Connecticut does. And don't try to build in the areas I mentioned above; they'll be a public outcry. So build in North White Plains where most people are lucky to have a decent little home to live in and don't have the money or clout to fight such a monstrous structure.

Why did the MTA in 1983 spend over $80,000,000 to electrify the line to Southeast (then Brewster North)? To bring better service to these communities. Let these people board the trains in their communities rather than bombard a small community such as North White Plains with a goliath of a parking structure. Incidentally, if the people were to board the trains where they live rather than driving down to NWP, they'd be paying more for train tickets thereby bringing more revenue to the MTA. Instead the MTA is going to build a gigantic structure at taxpayers expense, effectively subsidizing people who are cheating them out of extra fare revenue. Real smart.

  by Lackawanna484
I think MetroNorth should electrify the line all the way to Wassaic. :-D

Who actually owns the parking lots at Wassaic, Dover Plains, etc? The towns, the railroad, etc? I can't see why MetroNorth shouldn't give a NY resident preference for parking, etc.

When I looked at Wassaic last year, many cars had MA, CT, even VT plates on them. They had to be monthly parkers.

  by Otto Vondrak
I fail to see what the problem with a garage in NWP would be. If I lived in Katonah, I wouldn't add a 30-45 minute drive to my morning commute just to have an easier train ride... the NWP garage will service the growing population in the White Plains corridor.

Golden's Bridge recently added lots and spaces to its station, effectively doubling the capacity. GB had the room to do so... and since the town center was effectively obliterated forty years ago, there wasn't so much public outcry as to "quality of life" issues with more parking space. I wouldn't be surprised if MN considered a garage for GB in the future- take some of the pressure off of the Katonah lots and all the folks that come from Ridgefield. Where do you want to build a lot in Bedford Hills? Purdy's? Croton Falls? Those stations are all hemmed in by local streets or the reservoir.

Just thoughts...


  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
The problem with a North White Plains 5 story structure is that you will have even more cars from the northern part of the county and Putnam if you build it. Yes people drive down here from up north, even as far as Dutchess County. If you build it they will come. Within a year of it being built, it too, will be filled to capacity.

If you live in or around North White Plains, you know that the traffic congestion is outrageous. This is not a downtown area. This a borderline bedroom area of mostly private homes with some small stores and gas stations.

Cars come through here heading onto the Taconic, going up to 684 to head to northern part of the county, Putnam and even Dutchess County. Build up there. The parking lot at North White Plains should serve the surrounding communities, ie White Plains. North White Plains, Greeenburg, Mount Pleasant, Armonk and Harrison (Silver Lake or East White Plains). It should not be a station for people from Pound Ridge, Somers, Bedford, Katonah, Ridgefield, CT, etc. They have their own stations; go there.

  by Otto Vondrak
It should not be a station for people from Pound Ridge, Somers, Bedford, Katonah, Ridgefield, CT, etc. They have their own stations; go there.
I agree with you, those people will NOT drive down to NWP for this garage, that's what I said earlier. A guy from Poughkeepsie, Poughqag, or Pawling probably won't, either. Who says they won't build more parking up the line in the future?


  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Otto, they ARE driving down from these locations now. And they will continue to do so if you expand the facility and even more will come, if you enlarge it.
  by markffisch
I was one of the many who drove from CT to NWP to board MN. Working in the city I had 2 options -- 15 minute drive to Danbury and 2 hrs timetable to GCT or 1 hour drive to NWP and 40 mins to GCT. It isn't hard to do the math.

The other aspect was the schedule. Trains to NWP run very frequently compared to Danbury. The only thing worse than consistently hanging around GCT for an hour in the evening waiting for the next train is missing the last one because I had to work late.

My solutions -- parking and scheduling. More parking up north, better and more frequent schedules on the Danbury branch -- especially mid day trains.

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Thank you Mark for you comments. Wish you would send a letter to Metro North.

By the way and this is for everyone who reads this, do you know how Metro North figured the statistics on who uses the parking lot and where they come from; from their Mail and Rail (monthly railroad tickets by mail) address list. Ever see the line of people who buy their tickets at NWP at the end of the month. The line goes down the stairway. Don't think the Mail and Rail address list is an accurate way of determining who rides from NWP and where they come from. Like everything else, it's a skewd list to suit their purposes. Most people from North White Plains walk to the train station and don't drive.

  by Lackawanna484
Running the plates on the cars parked in the current lot would give them an idea of who the (early in the morning) passengers are.

I know the Wassaic lot has a lot of CT MA and even VT plates on cars parked there. Some had several days old snow last winter. prob people with city and country homes

  by AMoreira81
Why the MTA is even considering a bigger lot at NWP seems baffling, as that station suffers frequent flooding. As noted before, Golden's Bridge or Southeast would be the ideal places to build garages. The key though is that Metro-North must OWN the lots, or else nothing will get done, because of zoning issues.

Put more cars where the town slows down towing of cars out in the event of floods? Smaaaaaaart, very smart.