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  by EugeneV.Debs
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew when the PRSL GP-38s were given Conrail paint? I remember seeing a Conrail train going through Pitman around 1984 being led by a black painted unit, could that have been an ex-PRSL GP-38? As an aside, what was the latest date people can remember Conrail units in predecessor colors in service in South Jersey or elsewhere?
Matt White
  by mitch kennedy
Hi! All PRSL 38's were returned to GM in that time frame. According to Dick Gladulich's roster in the W Jersey NRHS book "West Jersy Rails II" the first 5 went "off-lease" in 1983 and the second (2005-2009) in August 84. The ex PRSL batch that went to the BAR up here in Maine were in full BAR paint the summer of 84 and retained the extended dual-control cab front. I am sure all were in CR blue at that point. Perhaps you saw the ex PC batch, 7670-7674 (ex 2010-2014) which may have still been in service but again they were all blue at that point to the best of my middle-aged memory.PS- I'd venture to say that around 81 or 82 was the last of black PRSL units and I'd also venture to say at least by 78 or 79 all were still black...
  by bluedash2
I saw the last of the black painted units in spring of '84 on the beesleys. Everything was all blue after that. The 7670-7674 did outlive Conrail and all went to CSX after 6-1-99. They were then retired with all the straight 38's on the roster and traded to one of the leasing companies. I always wondered if all 10 units made it into blue paint and I'm assuming the 'ol 2009 was scrapped due to the bad engine.
  by bluedash2
EugeneV.Debs wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9hiHpycckc
Is this one of the PC GP-38s that were supposed to go to the PRSL?
A resounding no. All of that bunch, 2010-2014 made it all through CR Blue and all were conveyed to CSX on 6-1-99. They also had no dynamic brakes just like the other 10 (and 4 others that PC ordered in '71; 7904-7907). They were the "vitims" of CSX trading in all their non dash 2 38's not long after the CR split for higher HP units (I believe to LLPX). Nice shots though. Looks like one of the handful of units that PC had the built out cab on-some even had dyn brakes too (long disposed of by CR in the mid to late 80's).