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  by glennk419
I just noticed from pictures in P-RSL In Color Vol. 2 that several of the Baldwin AS-16's are sporting Reading RR style rain gutters on the roof of the cab. I had never noticed this feature before. The loco's I spotted were 6022, 6023, 6024, 6025 and 6027. Were these units acquired from the Reading and renumbered or were they part of a Reading order with Baldwin and built to the same specs?
  by mitch kennedy
According to a "Diesel Era" article in Sept 91 (Vol 2, No 5) on the Rdg AS16's , they were a cancelled order by the Rdg dating to 1953. RDG numbers 551 to 554 would have originally been 10 units but according to Gerard Bernet's article, BLW only allowed 6 to be cancelled. These units (eventually becoming PRSL 6022-6027) were built with dynamic brakes and conventional mu (as opposed to BLW's air-controlled design). The PRSL picked these up in 1956 with the d/b removed and regular BLW air-controlled mu re-installed. The PRSL had boilers added in 6024-6027 as well.