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  by PRSL AC Modeler
Hello all,

I am new to the model railroad scene and I am looking for information for my layout. I wish to model the PRSL line from Philadelphia to Atlantic City and I am starting in AC. I wish to do the 1950s era because it will give me a good selections of steamers and diesels to use on my layout even tho rail service was on a decline in AC then. I am running into a problem because I am having difficulty finding out what the AC Rail Terminal looked like in the 1950s. I know that the PRSL built a brand new terminal as soon as they took over but I am looking for some sort of map of the city from that time that would have the track layout and rail terminal on it. Anyone have any ideas where I could look or has this info?
  by delvyrails
Your best bet are the books published by the West Jersey Chapter NRHS ( www.westjersey-nrhs.org ), especially the chapter "Atlantic City Union Station" in "West Jersey Rails II", which includes track diagrams of Atlantic City and even a full-page aerial photo of the station complex.
  by pallieboy
Get the movie "The King of Marvin Gardens" (early 70's?) w/ jack Nicholson. Early in the movie he takes the train from Philly to AC. The terminal was a real small building. I visisted it years ago before they tore it down and was surprised by the size. It was somewhere close to the new terminal. The road to it was in very bad shape due to years of inactivity. But again, you can use the movie to get a good view of the building...good enough for what you need.
  by Steam man
I have the track diagram for the Atlantic City Terminal and Atlantic Interlocking plant (circa 1961) but currently have no way of scanning it. I would be willing to loan it to you for copying,but absolutely have to have it back.
The station that pallieboy is refering too was the post AC Expressway one that was more or less an Am-shack type structure. The "big station" was a 8 track stub end terminal with 5 platforms that had v-type sheds over them similar the the sheds at the CNJ Terminal at Liberty State Park. Here is a picture from the Blue Comet site of the east facade of the headhouse after it became the City bus terminal.
http://www.thebluecomet.com/prslAC.jpg If you are intersted in the track diagrams,contact me at [email protected]

As an aside, I was the block operator (combined with bridge tender) at the little shack on the east approach of the bridge that was the interlocking station for much of the time that movie mentioned was being made.
  by Steam man
Another interesting map of Atlantic City from what I am guessing around 1900 showing all the lines of both the railorads plus trolley lines.

http://www.chss.iup.edu/kpatrick/Phila- ... 201900.jpg

Move the cursor to the area you want to look at and left click to zoom in.
  by Steam man
Here is Atlantic as of 1961. If you want a .pdf file of same, PM me.


  by Steam man
The entire track chart with grades,curves in degrees,grade crossings etc. and interlocking charts Circa 1961 are as .pdf files (in sections) for no charge to anyone who might want them. Shoot me a scribe at [email protected] and I will try to provide what you might be looking for. Thanks to Randy Liesner for doing this work. (Hope I spelled his name right)