• PRR Elmira Branch in Pennsylvania: What's left?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by thebigham
Probably not much!

Any bridges?


What about the tin bridge?



  by henry6
Ya got that right! For the most part;it is of course intereting to drive W'Port to Sodus and look. As the leaves drop over the next month or two, you'll see more. There is the ROW, quite visible in most places, in use from HO tower to Holding Point and again Watkins Glen north to (?), again from CSX in Newark northo on Ontario Midland properties. Catch bridges, some station structures but mostly celler holes or foundation cement. Get Bill Calarosso's book, a good map, and a nice, clear fall day and enjoy!


  by thebigham
I just got Calarosso's book.

I've explored most of the PRR in NYS.


  by scottychaos
you guys have probably already seen this,
but here is the far north end:


What is still in use in the Elmira area?
there are still tracks in place where the line crosses under route 17 in Horseheads, whats the story there?

  by joshuahouse
Scotty, the PRR tracks still run up as far as holding point and then a little past there (enough to back into the facility). I'm not sure who if anyone is actually using the connection at the moment tho.
  by Matt Langworthy
NS uses the stub left in Horseheads, though it seems to be infrequent. IThe rails showed signs of recent use when I was down there this summer and last years but there a few boxcars at Holding Point on any given day.

Bigham, there some traces of the ROW still visible in Pennsylvania, although (as per Caloroso's excellent book) highway improvement projects have removed some of the former roadbed near old crossings. It's been a while isnjce I went down there so i can't remeber where to look.

And just think, this used to be a busy branchline for Pennsy. :(
  by K4Pacific
Hi everyone.

I'm going to visit an old friend who is in a skilled nursing facility at Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira. He is 88 yol Stan Oparil, Jr. If you recall, he was in the Calaroso Elmira Branch book. We rode together for many years on the "Elmira Branch" PC Watkins Secondary. His wife says he'll love to talk railroading. So I propose this:

Please give me your questions regarding anything about the Elmira Branch on this thread and I will ask him and get answers back to you. He ran steam from 1945 after WW2 right until the end in 57 and the busiest times too. He ran both ends of the line. Also worked out of Harrisburg when seniority bumped him. He retired in thw early 1980s. So ask away. Ask away all.
  by K4Pacific
I'm compiling my information. But here is info that might want to be on another thread. The rails from HO through Horseheads are real shony due to the gas boom. The loacal took up 15 hoppers of Fracking sand and 9 gons of pipe plus 4 boxcars. That's the most traffic I've ever seen.
  by K4Pacific
I'm sad to report that Stan Oparil Jr. "Stub" died Sunday. His obit is on www.stargazette.com I will never forget all the great memories.
  by Missyg24
PRR E.B was busier then most people think. But looking at it now its just a dust & with the tight space for the tracks along the farms, towns, & RT 14. I love driving by it & pointing out he tracks through the trees. Being from Elmira I can see the old tracks from the PRR south of the Chemung (Sha~Mung) River. Pennsylvanis Ave going toward South Main St from the old Erie tracks (NS owned now) there is 2metal poles on each side of the street. It was probably the old signals. Penn Ave to Lewis St & on to Kinyon St is where the tracks went. the PRR yard was located in the area of Herrick/Kinyon St (between Clemens Center Pkwy/Rt 14 & Herrick/Kinyon St)
Heres PRR tracks through Elmira map on southside.
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  by Missyg24
I lived on East Miller st near the old Erie RR line and where the PRR came onto the Erie from whats now Pennsylvania Ave behind TOPS MARKETS. Moved to Williamsport area &i know the line like the back of my hand from Watkins Glen to Williamsport. Theres still a bridge support visible from Clemens Center Parkway & Cedar Street intersection. the ROW is visible clearly in about 70% of the way from Elmira/Southport to Williamsport. I have an album on my Facebook with pictures from few years ago of the ROW from Elm to Wport
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  by CarterB
Where was the Rock Stream trestle?