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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by BadAddetude
As noted in the sightings sticky, I saw the #120 in the Penn Yard Friday. It was still there last night (6/1) when I came home. Any word on what it's doing out and where its heading?

  by John_Perkowski
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  by BadAddetude

  by Bennett Levin
Waiting for three ballast cars to arrive from Bear to be transported to Fairhill

  by BadAddetude
So the car is going to Fairhill? Not sure I understand...

I'm an admirer of your E8's and PRR equipment Mr. Levin! Hope to see them up close someday.

  by Bennett Levin
"Fairhill" is the home of "Little Juniata"


  by BadAddetude
Fairhill as in Fairhill CT? Pardon my uininformed-ness, but the only Fairhill I see on a MP chart of the NEC is in Conneticut, I believe your Philly facility is around MP 84 on the PA NEC.

  by Bennett Levin
MP 83 is the site of the shops which are located in the former PRR Fairhill Yard
  by Gilbert B Norman
A brief glimpse of Mr. Levin's car, in this very moving video clip from NBC News that aired last evening:


Here is a well-produced video, with more rail related footage, that has found its way on to You Tube's "Top 40":

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  by PARailWiz
I didn't realize 120 had so much national history attached to it. Very interesting videos.
  by BadAddetude
Well, me and a couple friends biked down to the Amtrak parking garage to gaze at the #120, and the next day it was gone! Took the 9:24 ACL this morning, and no #120 in the Penn Yard. I assume all went well. Didn't hear any tragedies overthe scanner.

I like the PRR livery better then the PC shown in the videos. "Pennsylvaina" fits the car better, and how that Tuscan Red shines!
  by Gilbert B Norman
It is no secret that I am one of the elder Members active at this site, I was 26 years of age when RFK was assassinated and was at that time serving in Viet Nam with the Air Force. Considering LBJ's abdication (which incidentally I was on record with my Mother and Father in a letter that was in their hands prior to the event that in my opinion such was going to happen - I noted too many parallels with Harry Truman during 1952), and the assassination of two prominent leaders (agree with their views matters not; few could dispute that MLK and RFK were prominent), made many of us wonder what was going on "back in the world'. I even knew some guys who said 'hey man, I'm extendin' it's safer over here".

Now with that having been said, the You Tube video is obviously professionally produced. Even if Penn Central had been in place since that February and had liveried the #120 into "Puke Green" adorned with "worms in love", the PRR institutions that made such a special move "go off' had not yet been dismantled. One must wonder if Amtrak has the "institutions" in place to handle anything similar to the RFK train.

We should note that the #120 was first acquired from railroad ownership by a gentleman named George Pins. Under his ownership, it was restored to its proper livery, but Mr. Levin has "taken the car to new heights".

The Private Car, or "PV", community owe both gentlemen "a world of gratitude".
  by Bennett Levin
First of all, thanks for the kind words. My son Eric and I have tried to be good custodians of what we have acquired.

The 120 is still at 30th Street and tomorrow will quietly celebrate the 40th anniversary of bring the last car on what TRAINS called at that time, "the most closely watched train"

The next time on the road is Altoona's Railfest on July 12-13. It will be behind the E-units.
  by pennsy
Car 120, the Pennsylvania, was prominantly displayed on the PBS show Great Railway Journeys of the World, hosted by Ludovic Kennedy. It was a coast to coast trip across the USA. At the time George Pins owned the car, and Kennedy was invited for dinner in the Pennsylvania. This was all on TV. The part that caught my attention was Kennedy being tossed about on the porch of the 120's observation deck, running at speed and Kennedy remarking what a rough ride it was, and very drafty as well. Incidentally, this part of the trip was "on time" and was being hauled by a GG-1. :-D
  by scotty269
Mr Levin,

Will the 120 or the E units be making appearances at the Steamtown Lackawanna Railfest in late August?