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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Bennett Levin
I do not think so, despite the speculation which has appeared on this board. The costs are prohibitive especially since the market is limited due to the fact that the trip last year covered most of the rare mileage. The general public will not pay the ticket price which makes the trip feasible. You need rare mileage to make it work. The Clearfield excursions of several years ago were so structured that coaches were in the consist because there were other events associated with the excursions. I think that an excursion (one day) from the Lehigh Valley to Scranton and back could work but time is very short and the risk is very high.

As they used to say in Brooklyn........"Wait till next year".
  by BadAddetude
Regarding the Altoona Railfest, Would there be a train leaving from Philly? Any of the equipment be visible in the yard?

Reagrding th PBS show, is it available on Youtube? I'm going to look, but If one of you fellows know that'd be a help.

G.B. Norman, thank you very much for your service to the country.

Mr. Levin, Shouldn't you consider yourself MUCH more than a custodian? :wink:

If the car is still in the yard Monday I look forward to seeing it. Hopefully it will be!
Further research helped me figure out the whole "Fairhill" deal. I'm starting to get a hold of this whole PRR thing!
I was down at 30th street Friday, working on a P-42, and I noticed the PRR 120 sitting in an area, that once lead to the old Post Office tracks, on the west side. I didn't get a chance to see her up close, but I was aware of the history. The 120 was sharing the track, with some concrete tie cars, it seemed as I left to drive back to Wilmington. If I didn't have 11 other guys in the van with me, I would have made the time to see this car, up close. :( On the plus side, I did see a train on the High Line, heading from Zoo towards south Philly yard. :-D
  by BadAddetude
I stand corrected! It was there this evening with 3 AMTK ballast cars at the front. Must have been hidden on Friday, or I need my eyes examined!

Any sources of reading on the previous owner of the #120? I've got time to kill being finals week, and what better way to kill time than looking up the heritage to historic railroad equipment.
  by Bennett Levin
Years ago TRAINS had a terrific article on Mr. Pins and the 120 called Pins Cushions.....................If you can find it, it is well worth the effort. George Pins is really the "father" of the modern PV movement. The Great Railroad Journey's USA segment called Coast to Coast is also very good.

Private Varnish has had some recent articles about the car and others going to the Army-Navy game in 2005 & 2006 as well as carring Prince Charles in 2007 and last year's trips to Scranton and Binghamton (2).
  by BadAddetude
i've been looking for the "Pins Cushions" article on Trains. Hopefully I'll find it.

Regarding PV Magazine, is that a subscription only type magazine, or would I be able to find it a Borders or something? I haven't seen it anywheres.
  by jhdeasy
You might find Private Varnish on the rack at some of the larger railroad hobby shops, but I would be suprised to find it in bookstores. It is cheaper to subscribe:

http://www.aaprco.com/public/Private_Va ... rnish.html

Five issues per year, one of which is the annual private car charter directory, for $30.
  by Kristin
Mr. Levin -
Might you have a record as to which PRR executives were assigned car #120? My grandfather was David E Smucker, Vice President of Operations for PRR, an engineer and a staunch PRR man like yourself. I've read some of your comments and believe you have his same spirit (I hope you recognize it as the compliment it is intended to be). Anyway, I have many fond memories of time spent on his business car, which I believe was the 120. The photos of the refurbished car bring back a rush of memories.
The reason I'm posting is to inquire if you have any photos showing the inside of the car in the mid to late 1960s, especially the day of the RFK train. I inherited the two mahagony chests that flanked the door to the observation deck. They are in my sons room and I would like to show him - to connect him to this history and his great grandfather.
If you ever come through Chicago again I would love to see it again. Thanks for your time.
Kristin Hall Sliwicki
  by tellu_whut
That would be nice if she did make a return to Steamtown. The last appearance of 120 in Scranton was in 2007. My, how time flies.
  by chuchubob
The Railroaders Memorial Museum charters are coming up this weekend. The PRR E8's arrived at Penn Coach Yard at noon Thursday and joined Warrior Ridge and Pennsylvania 120, which have been stored there since their recent trip to Pittsburgh and back on Amtrak's Pennsylvanian.